What is a success for parents?

Many authors and experts define success in several ways. Creating a goal is a top on the list. Action is the bottom line of it all. Even each meaning came from a different mindset, all of them are correct. Every success of every individual has their own unique definition.

As a parent, I view success in a different light. For me, achieving success is by teaching our children to be independent. Most of us parents would like to give the best to our child to the terms that we don’t want them to get hurt. So, if something went wrong to their things, we rush to fix them. Why not, instead of offering them the bread, teach them how to make the bread?

If we teach our children the process of how things are made or created; consequently, they will also learn how to fit pieces together, how to build them back after being torn down again and again. This way, even you are out of the picture, the children will be able to survive the day. If they can think independently, hence they would be able to do things with minimum supervision.