I) Time Management for getting Organized

II) No MultitaskingIII) Do not study at the cost of your sleep

IV) Set a schedule

V) Take notes

VI) Ask questions

VII) Study in a group

VIII) Facing the mistakes with courage and finding the methods to correct them

IX) Do not take much help from the parents

X) They know that life is much more than school, but together with it understand how important is the school

1. Don't use a laptop: Writing with hands helps to make a better memory recall.

2. Study Smartly: Use interactive and newer learning methods like using apps, software, flashcards, etc. for better learning.

3. Keep the right company and roommate: Keeping a good company is of much importance not only for the study but for life as well.

4. Attend more and more seminars: This gives new insights and thoughts on the topic.

5. Eat smart: Eating less or more, or not eating the right food also hinders the performance.

6. Always sit straight: Sitting straight is said to activate the brain cells more.

7. Reflect on the performance: Reflection helps to find flaws and good aspects of the performance, and the learning helps to improve.

8. Get a part-time job (if possible and if you can manage it with studies): It boosts confidence and helps to learn new things practically.

9. Walk more: Do you know walking enhances creative thinking?

10. Learn with active recall: Active recall helps to recall primary information from memory in the best way.