Strategies to overcome procrastination from Procrastination Matrix: Explained

1. Vocabulary:

Use a positive choice of words regarding your tasks. Start your tasks on a positive note. Use positive affirmations like “I can do it”, “I will try it” instead of “I hate this task”.Try!

2. Reverse Calendar:

Work your way backward from final-deadline to develop an action plan. Break the tasks into chunks. Work from backward to start.

3. Filling your schedule:

Fill your schedules with non-work related tasks and activities. When all the tasks get mixed up in your schedule, you will feel like you have limited time to work on important tasks. You will start working on essential tasks ASAP.

4. Work in flow-state:

Don’t break the workflow in the name of taking breaks. Resume after quick breaks for clearing your mind. Try taking deep-breath, a quick walk, etc.

5. Fully Embraced Goals:

Try to embrace your tasks. Doing things that you don’t care or not interested in will reinforce procrastination. Sometimes you need “commitment” to finish the task given, even if you don’t like it.

6. Tiny Steps:

Enormous tasks will be overwhelming. Break it down. Achieving smaller tasks will be easy for you to avoid procrastination. Quick wins will motivate.

7. Make your rewards:

Reward yourself after completing a task. It feels good to finish a task for a pleasing reward.

8. Reframe its importance:

Stop thoughts like 'Why should I do it? It doesn’t seem important to me', ‘I couldn’t connect with the task’. Bring the attitude of “It can help people if I do this”. Connect with a task and finish it.

9. Sleep, Eat, Healthy, Exercise:

Health and fitness are important to stay motivated in whatever you do.

10. Uncover Start & End Points:

Identify the starting and ending points of your task. It will be easy to plan things.