“Better to get Hurt but the Truth than comforted with a lie.”
- Khalid Hosseini

Truth gives freedom like no other. Truth sets you free.

For time being, lies can be comforting. When we know it’s a lie, it becomes even more devastating.

Truth takes a different form. For instance, pointing to your mistakes can make me look bad in front of you. But, people who comfort you with a lie are the ones you should be careful of in life.

Don’t comfort your life with a lie. Face everything in life with truth, even if it is bitter. This truth will not only set your heart free. It gives wonderful freedom of expression that can only be felt and not explained.

When you get hurt by the truth, you can get out of it real soon. Truth can give you a clean state free of all things that pressured you so far. When you keep comforting with a lie, you will always be under pressure and fear.

The lie can look even very good for some time. Look at the end. Somehow, in one way or another, the truth comes out. That’s the specialty of truth. It comes out, and you cannot hide it for long.

Truth is internal too. Be true to your emotions, dreams, goals, habits, behaviors and just about everything with you. Don’t comfort yourself with a lie. Your mind can take the lie, but your heart always knows what the truth is. It will never let you sleep.

By lying to yourself, you are not just hiding the truth. You are curtailing your freedom. You will be under some control.

Truth Hurts. That's okay. Get hurt with truth. It's fine. Never rely on a lie for solution. Don’t get comfort yourself with a lie.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be Yourself. Your life’s greatest achievement is in staying who you are. Situations, people, challenges in life can all change you. But, don’t let your core change. Keep your inner spirit alive no matter what the world demands. That’s a true accomplishment.

We are constantly torn between ‘being ourselves’ and ‘being what others want us to be’. Stay true to yourself.

You need to be aware of four categories of people.

First, we have a set of people good at judging and reviewing others' life personally and professionally. We can see people who shut themselves off because of such people’s opinions.

Second is a category of people who keep giving suggestions, opinions, and ideas for other peoples to follow.

The third is a category of people who think they know what’s better for the other person.

Fourth is a set of people who are very good at convincing that our decisions are wrong. They are sneaky enough that we don’t recognize how they are bringing us down.

Not capitulating to their words, overcoming everyone and still being ‘yourself’ is truly an achievement. You can take genuine opinions and suggestions that people say. Make sure you don’t change yourself for the sake of others.

When the world forces you to change, don’t leave your faith, optimism, and courage. Don’t change when people say you are not good enough.

Being yourself is not letting the good in you go away after all life’s turbulences.

It’s great when you are still being yourself, after all, you have been through!