What can I do to increase my productivity?

The 11 steps to increase your productivity:

1. Wake up early:

You will have more time to organize, plan, and execute things on your to-do list.

2. Spend a minimum of 25-30 Minutes towards physical fitness:

It will keep you active throughout the day. You will find yourself productive.

3. How you start your day is important:

Start it positively. Don’t wake up worrying about how the day will turn out. Instead, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

4. Don’t worry about your past unproductive days or bad performances:

It happens to everyone. The next day is a New Start. Utilize it by giving your best of efforts.

5. Develop confidence to face whatever the day throws:

Self-confidence is essential to increase your productivity.

6. Focus on your present:

It is essential to increase your productivity. Worrying about the future or the past will hinder your performance on every level.

7. Improvise:

Be flexible enough to adapt to new changes that come your way unexpectedly. You cannot expect your day to go as you planned always.

8. Fix self-goals:

It will help you stay in focus and be productive.

9. Review yourself:

Do Self-Assessment. You can identify your mistakes.

The reason for your underperformance can be found easily.

10. Adequate Rest:

It is essential for your overall productivity.

11. Personal Fulfillment:

Personal Interest in your work is important to increase your productivity. Else, you will end up distracted, disinterested, and demotivated easily. Work you did should bring satisfaction and fulfillment when you end the day.

12. Be in the Present:

Perform for your ‘Present.’ Good ‘today’ guarantees good ‘tomorrow’ in terms of productivity.

In Conclusion:


Not all days will be Productive. Accept it.


Give your best of efforts.

Productivity comes.

10 Positive Factors that Increase your Productivity Levels

1. Self-Motivation:

Consider Productivity in two-ways. First, it’s about preparing yourself to do the work. The willpower to start any work is a way of becoming productive. Second, it is about how you execute the work with all your preparations. For both cases, you need self-motivation to make it work.

2. Doing What you Like:

If I like what I do, I don’t need any motivation from the outside to be productive and creative in my work. Meanwhile, if I don’t like what I do, even a little, I will not be productive enough.

3. Freedom:

Freedom increases productivity. With freedom, you will have more control over the work you do. Eventually, it leads to creative, responsible, and productive outputs.

4. Self-Satisfaction/Self-Content:

If you feel satisfied and content about the work you do, your productivity levels enhance.

5. Rewards:

The real productivity is in personal rewards that you fix to yourself. It helps in increasing your output levels in any work you do.

6. Goals:

Setting small goals or big goals will keep you focused. Goals will help you with what to do next. This clarity is essential to increase productivity.

7. Good Surroundings:

Cluttered, disoriented and uncomfortable spaces around you will decrease your interest in being productive.

8. Good Health:

Take care of your physical and mental health with no compromises. It’s essential for your productivity.

9. Being Happy:

If you are happy, you work better. If you like what you do, you work better. Stay positive and happy to be productive in life.

10. Self-Fixed Targets:

Fix self-targets. It will keep you productive and stay in the loop without deviating.

These 10 factors are important to boost your productivity levels. Develop Them.