Habits and Strategies that Increase Productivity for Startup CEO’s

1. Lead More. Manage Less.

A winning strategy that can increase your productivity as a startup CEO is this; Lead more. Manage less.

If you spend your time managing everything, you will miss more important areas of developing your startup.

Focus on building your business.

Focus on Fresh Ideas and Strategies.

Stop Managing and stop micromanaging.

Concentrate on leading your startup forward.

2. Build an Excellent Management Team.

Starting from Google to a humble startup, everyone needs an energetic, powerful management team to execute the vision.

Being a startup CEO, you cannot alone take care of everything. Having everything on your shoulder decreases your productivity.

Before you take your business forward, first take care of your management team.

Build a dynamic, flexible, and adaptable management team who can handle every challenge along with you.

3. Be First to your Office.

It’s an interesting habit that is being followed by many Startup CEO’s and said to have increased their productivity.

4. Know where to spend your time.

As a startup CEO, think and manage your choices and time.

Know where to put your time. Ex: Netflix or good sleep? Working on customer-queries/feedbacks or organizing meetings that can wait?

A successful Startup CEO knows how to manage their choices to increase their productivity.

5. Have your Own Working Style. Convey It.

Some CEO’s like to work in silence with no interruptions. Or, some people like to sit with fellow employees and work.

Whatever your working style is, convey it. You don’t want employees to think you are avoiding them or not giving them the importance while working.

6. Keep your passion alive.

Your passion will inspire people and the team towards your goals and dreams. Inspiring your team is important to increase productivity being a startup CEO.