Procrastination is a process of delaying something without any specific reason. It is a process in which we start finding excuses for not doing something. This is fine if we are doing so just because we are tired, but it can be dangerous if it gets into our habits. One must avoid bringing it into their habit if we want to succeed in our life.

Here are the three different types of procrastination that almost every one of us applies to our life.

1. Anxious procrastination-

We start doing it so when something seems not very easy for us, and we start procrastinating it for some other day, which never comes.

2.“Plenty of time.” procrastination-

We do it, so thinking there’s plenty of time and doesn’t do until the exact time comes, and as a result, we fail.

3. Perfectionist procrastination-

It can be claimed as a good habit of procrastinating but sometimes to give our best in something we end up doing nothing.

All of these habits of procrastinating must be avoided as soon as possible and do what needs to be done in time.