Do not forget to smile


“The most wasted of days is one without laughter”

- E. E. Cummings

It becomes a good day when you fill it with some light moments and happy laughter. Laughter is the only tool to repair your day. It’s not fair to take life as a serious player. Now and then you need to take a pause and enjoy things around.

You need laughter and humor in life. Scientifically speaking, hearty good laughter increases your happy hormones instantly. The next time you have a hearty laugh, don’t control it. Good laughter is magic.

For a second, it thoroughly vanishes all bad things. For a second, the laughter takes you to a happy place that you could have thought never existed after all that you’ve been through in life. a productive day is not in accomplishing today’s duties or working as per schedule.

A fulfilling productive day will become incomplete if you don’t spend time having a good laugh. Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes a day to talk to your friends and have a conversation filled with laughter. You need no better medicine to relieve your stress that day.

If you could make one person smile today, your day becomes complete. Days of struggle can end upon a few minutes of good laughter. You can set everything straight when you bring laughter in life. You can pile up things to a mountain when it comes to laughter. The little quote expressed it wonderfully. Don’t forget to smile! Don’t forget to laugh!

Be an Encourager: Spreading Positivity and Support


Find out the importance of being an encourager and spreading positivity. Learn how to uplift others and create a culture of support and encouragement.

“Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.” - Dave Willis.

It’s easy to give criticism, but it’s tougher to take it. If we don’t have anything good to say, let’s leave it at that. It is totally fine. If we begin to criticize, we don’t do anything to improve the situation. Instead, take things positively.

Encourage people to do more. Point out the positives. Before you tell them about their negatives, take a step back for a moment and do it constructively. It mends a bond instead of breaking it through discouragement.

Today’s world is filled with criticisms, opinions, judgments, and all sorts of negativities like never before. Every turn we take, someone will stand and redirect us with lots of criticism and demotivation.

It will happen to everyone in life. The strength comes in ignoring it and continuing the journey. Think of how crushing it is to discourage people. Even if you don’t have anything to say, it’s fine. But if you do have something to say, do it neatly and positively.

Negative criticisms can completely break down people. It could even go to the extent of killing their ideas and dreams. Words are easy to pour down but impossible to pick them up. Let me tell you a secret.

Ignoring negativity and moving forward is what every successful people follow in their life. Let’s not spread negativity. The world needs more positive people as it has enough critics already.