30 Best & Effective Productivity Hacks for Life

1. Have an early start. It gives more time to sort the day.

2. Focus on important things first.

3. Make your bed every day when you wake up. It’s a simple gesture that starts a productive day for you.

4. Organize your surroundings.

5. Take restful breaks whenever you feel low or energy levels drop.

6. Quality of work is important for your productivity.

7. Manage your time.

8. Spend some time daily to do things you like. It can be your hobby, having coffee at your favorite café, meeting with friends, reading, taking naps, etc.

9. Have a healthy social-media space. Let it be positive and uplifting. Stay away from digital influences that make you feel low or insufficient.

10. If you are happy you become productive.

11. Bring an active and healthy lifestyle.

12. Prefer healthy food choices.

13. You can only control what you can. Don’t worry about things that you cannot control. Worrying decreases your productivity.

14. Be clear about what you are going to do next.

15. A sense of fulfillment and content should come from things you do.

16. Sometimes you need to slow down to figure things out.

17. Stop overthinking.

18. Good Sleep is important for Productivity.

19. Plan your day the prior night.

20. Try again if you don’t succeed at first.

21. Avoid negativities like hate, ego, and anger, resentment, jealousy, and bad-mouthing. It improves productivity.

22. Stay Positive.

23. Have simple Daily-Routines. It brings discipline.

24. Be flexible.

25. Be adaptable.

26. Do things you like. Not at the cost of hurting people’s feelings and surroundings.

27. Follow your Passion to become more productive in life.

28. Read a lot of books.

29. Be a Positive Person. Let people look up to you for the goodness in you.

30. End your day with gratitude.


There are some steps which will help you to improve your productivity. Given below are some of the steps which will help you to improve yourself in your day-to-day life.

Steps to increase your productivity are as follows:

1. Rethink your to-do-list

2. Reduce time-drain from miscommunication

3. Stay organized and boost your productivity

4. List your “crucial results” for the day

5. Eat healthy foods throughout the day

6. Complete tasks in batches

7. Conquer procrastination

8. Prioritize your most important tasks first

9. Is that meeting really necessary?

If you find these steps hard to follow all together then you can also start one by one. Try one of the skills and add the other step when you get familiar with the previous. Try these steps for a week and you will notice the difference in your work ability.


Yes, you can improve your productivity by exercising also!

There are many skills which help you in improving your productivity but there is the main factor which plays a massive role in that. Exercises promote improved productivity. These can help you to improve your productivity by 20%.

Here you go:

First of all, have a proper sleep:

This factor doesn’t come in exercises but pretends it like an exercise when it comes to boosting your productivity. Have enough sleep this will help you to avoid distractions and focus 100%.

• Walking:

Morning walks are mostly preferred here. Evening walks can also play a role in this. It refreshes your mind and makes you think more out of the box. Sub-consciously having a walk in the morning or evening makes you feel relaxed. This makes you think more extra-ordinary.

Low-intensity aerobics: This is always better than intense aerobics.

• Yoga:

Yoga is an ancient technique to improve your productivity. This will help you to refresh your mind and body and increase your productivity.

• Meditation: Meditate daily at-least for 20 minutes.

What role does time management plays in productivity?

Your productivity and performance is all based on time management. If you master managing your time then you will surely improve your productivity.

Here are some benefits:

• Deliver work on time.

• Provide a better quality of work.

• More productivity.

• More efficiency.

• Less procrastination.

• Less stress.

• Less anxiety.

• Improved quality of life.

• It creates more opportunities.

• Career growth.

• More time for leisure and recreation.

Here are some tips to manage your time and increase your productivity:

 Make a schedule.

 Use a to-do list.

 Set the time for every task.

 Learn to work fast.

 Plan ahead.

 Make enough time for your work and leisure.

These are some of the tips and benefits of time management in your productivity. Time management is said to be the backbone of productivity. It does not count only on your expertise in a particular sector but also on how you manage your time.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

How personal productivity can be improved?


There are many parameters to improve your productivity. Even in your personal and professional life, leadership can also improve your productivity. Rather than all the skills and hobbies, there are some things which matter the most which include sleep and rest.

SLEEP and REST are two things that improve your concentration, productivity and memory power in a great amount. Many of the people sacrifice their sleep and their rest time to improve productivity and all the necessary things which have adverse effects.

Here are some things which will help you to improve your productivity:

• Sleep.

• Rest.

• Waking up early.

• Learning new skills.

• Mastering the things you know.

• Exercises.

• Walk.

• Meditation.

These are the things which will help you to improve your productivity in a large amount.