What are Short-Term Goals? How it Benefits you?

Short-Term Goals:

“Short-Term goals are something that you can achieve in less-time or near future”. Short-term goals can be things you want to achieve in days, weeks, and months.

Benefits of Short-Term Goals are:

  1. Short-term goals are easy to achieve.
  2. It takes minimum time.
  3. Accomplishing short-term goals will give the motivation to plan for long-term goals.
  4. Long-term goals can be broken into short-term goals. It will make you perform better and achieve things faster.
  5. Short-term goals will give quick-wins to stay driven and focused.
  6. Short-term goals will help you beat procrastination.
  7. Want to get genuine feedback on how you are performing? Set Short-term goals and achieve them.
  8. You become a good planner by setting short-term goals.

Examples of Short-Term Goals for Start-Ups:

  1. Reach more customers through social media marketing.
  2. Find a good designer before the month-end.
  3. Redecorate the office meeting space before this week. Etc.
  4. Develop an official App before June.

Examples of Short-Term goals for College-Students:

  1. Submit networking assignment by Thursday
  2. Apply for the internship-program by Monday evening.
  3. Pay my semester-fee before the deadline
  4. Clean my room and get rid of old books
  5. Get a 3.0 GPA in the coming semester
  6. Finish the balance coding-snippet in the lab today itself.
  7. Enroll in the new writing class etc.

Examples of Short-term goal Personal Goals could be:

  1. Fix the usual dentist appointment
  2. Write a journal every night.
  3. Stop using gadgets before going to sleep.
  4. Save money for the new watch
  5. No shopping this month
  6. Improve my water intake daily etc.
  7. Enroll in the art class by Friday

To Conclude:

To achieve your long-term goals, you need to get good at setting short-term goals and working on achieving it.