5 Characteristics on How to Set Goals for Myself

1. Decide what you want:

Know what you want to do. That is how you set proper goals for yourself. Do you have any things you are interested to do? Do you have any pursuits in life? Planning about lifestyle change? Planning to study abroad? Hoping to finish the assignment by Friday? Interested in learning a new language? Etc. are examples that can say what you want. We need this clarity to set proper goals.

2. Time:

This is where short-term, middle-term, and long-term goal types come in. Think of the goals you want to get. It will say how much time you ‘have’ and time you ‘want’ for the goal to take shape and give results.

3. Be clear with the endpoints:

Write questions like:

a. What goals I have in mind?

b. What end-result I want?

c. How I want it?

d. What is my expectation out of this?

e. What outcomes I need?

Answer them genuinely. It will help you set proper goals for yourself.

4. Goals should be compelling and inspiring:

Set goals that inspire and compel you to take action and actively pursue. Goals should not demotivate or negatively influence you. The true purpose of goals-setting is to enhance yourself and not bring down others. Set your goals to align your values and not for others.

5. Goals should help you gain momentum:

Your goals should make you work consistently. The way you set your goals should eliminate the Goal-Hopping. It should move you forward even a little bit every day. You should be able to keep going even after little glitches on the way. This is the momentum you need.

6. Goals - Traceable and visible:

Goals are not about fantasizing. Realistic goals should be traceable, visible, and progressive. Set your goals in a way where monitoring progress is easy.