7 Tips on Practicing Self-Reflection

7 Tips On Practicing Self-Reflection.png

1. Schedule your daily self-reflection time

2. Challenge yourself with difficult questions

3. Journal every day

4. Consider counseling or spiritual direction

5. Spend more time in nature

6. Practice mindfulness meditation

7. Don’t overdo it

9 Benefits of Self-Reflection

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The importance of self-reflection is closely tied to the benefits listed below.

1. Knowing Your Core Values

2. Understanding Your Purpose and Potential

3. Big-Picture Thinking

4. Facing Your Fears

5. Better Decision-Making

6. Better Relationships

7. Less Stress and Anxiety

8. Better Sleep

9. Self-Acceptance and Compassion

What is Self-Reflection?

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Simply put, self-reflection is taking time to focus inward in order to answer important questions about yourself:

Who are you?

What are your core values?

Who do you want to be?

In order to answer these three questions fully, though, it helps to break each of them down into smaller questions and focus on one at a time.

What are you good at? What did you learn from your last mistake? What do you admire most about the people you look up to?

And what do you hope to gain by knowing yourself better?