What can I do an hour a day that will make my life better in 30 days?

1. Planning Hour:

Allocate one hour every night.

Plan for the next day.

Get everything ready including the dress to wear, meal-preps, etc.

2. Learn New Things out of your Field.

Spend daily an hour for it. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks, news, articles about topics that interest you. After a month, you will have gained robust knowledge in a fresh field.

3. An Hour for Yourself:

Do anything you want.

Do Self-Reflection.

Appreciate yourself for doing your best today.

Read. An hour of reading improves your thought process and enhances mental wellbeing.

Try things you don’t want to do. Do something that you are completely uninterested in. It strengthens your willpower.

4. An Hour Early Morning for Physical and mental wellness.

Do any exercises. Follow breathing practices, yoga, jog, walk, etc. you can even sit in silence in the early morning hours. It’s meditation in away.

5. Spend an hour every day to do 10 things that improve you on the whole.

Do five things in personal space. Talk to friends/parents. Help the people around you. Go meet your friends. Or, take the time to resolve any personal issues that are disturbing you today.

Do five things in professional/business space. It can be learning new things, cleaning your workspace, organizing your emails, plan tasks or work-schedules, etc.

6. Take that extra hour for sleep:

Sleep is an excellent investment for your mind and body.

7. Remain Silent.

Be without speaking and in the silence of thoughts for some time. Gradually increase it to one complete hour of silence.

8. Do Nothing:

Just Exist. Breathe. Process your day and your life at that moment. Enjoy it. Do random things that you like or be without doing anything.

Be grateful for everything you have right now.

Follow them with interest and see improved life after 30 days.