15 Easy and Functional Productivity Tips for Working from Home

1. Be ‘Office-Ready’:

It will prepare you mentally to begin productive works/activities while working from home.

2. Set regular Office-Hours. Bring work-discipline:

Finish all your works prior. Start working like regular office-going hours.

3. Clear Working Hours:

Convey your working hours so that people around you don’t interrupt.

4. Take breaks:

It helps you stay active and refreshed to continue working enthusiastically.

5. Use any good apps/software to manage your work and time:

You can manage your schedules, meetings, tasks, etc. Clarity increases productivity.

6. Complete a certain percentage of work per day:

Make this a ‘must-follow rule’.

7. Choose a convenient schedule for you:

Working from Home brings convenience in allocating and scheduling tasks.

You can prepare a convenient schedule based on your working hours and working style. This technique enables you to stay productive while working from home.

8. To-Do List:

Your 'To-Do' list gives a boost to start and execute tasks confidently. So make it crisp.

It brings clarity. Starting work becomes easy. Productivity will increase.

9. Communicate:

Good Communication with your fellow workers and employers is essential.

10. Stay in Perspective:

Know your duties and responsibilities of working from your convenience. Don’t take it to your advantage.

11. Separate Work credentials:

Have a Separate phone number, email, and other internet ID for work. It allows you to stay well-organized and overcome Personal-Work clashes.

12. Keep yourself updated:

Like the office environment, train yourself with new skills. Improvise. Learn new things.

13. Get dressed:

It’s an easy and effective little step that you can take to stay productive while working from home.

14. Gather everything you need before you sit to work:

It eliminates distractions.

15. Take it as an advantage:

Working from home has freedom. Use this freedom to improve your quality of work.

The more effective you utilize it, the more productive you become.