30 Best & Effective Productivity Hacks for Life

1. Have an early start. It gives more time to sort the day.

2. Focus on important things first.

3. Make your bed every day when you wake up. It’s a simple gesture that starts a productive day for you.

4. Organize your surroundings.

5. Take restful breaks whenever you feel low or energy levels drop.

6. Quality of work is important for your productivity.

7. Manage your time.

8. Spend some time daily to do things you like. It can be your hobby, having coffee at your favorite café, meeting with friends, reading, taking naps, etc.

9. Have a healthy social-media space. Let it be positive and uplifting. Stay away from digital influences that make you feel low or insufficient.

10. If you are happy you become productive.

11. Bring an active and healthy lifestyle.

12. Prefer healthy food choices.

13. You can only control what you can. Don’t worry about things that you cannot control. Worrying decreases your productivity.

14. Be clear about what you are going to do next.

15. A sense of fulfillment and content should come from things you do.

16. Sometimes you need to slow down to figure things out.

17. Stop overthinking.

18. Good Sleep is important for Productivity.

19. Plan your day the prior night.

20. Try again if you don’t succeed at first.

21. Avoid negativities like hate, ego, and anger, resentment, jealousy, and bad-mouthing. It improves productivity.

22. Stay Positive.

23. Have simple Daily-Routines. It brings discipline.

24. Be flexible.

25. Be adaptable.

26. Do things you like. Not at the cost of hurting people’s feelings and surroundings.

27. Follow your Passion to become more productive in life.

28. Read a lot of books.

29. Be a Positive Person. Let people look up to you for the goodness in you.

30. End your day with gratitude.

15 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

1. Know where you want to go:

Goals motivate you to be productive as an entrepreneur.

2. Good Planning:

Good Planning is important for productivity in your business setup.

3. Enjoy the Process:

Entrepreneurship and business are about enjoying the process to improve productivity. You started it out of your passion and interest. Enjoy doing it.

4. Have Patience:

Things don’t happen overnight in business. You need patience. Patience brings more clarity to you and allows you to look for productive actions.

5. Be Smart:

When there is a business-dip, don’t quit. Be smart. Look for ideas to stay afloat. Be patient and, at the same time, keep going. Focus on productivity measures.

6. Self-Care:

Take care of yourself. There is no success at the compromise of your health, friends, and family.

7. Hustle:

An important productivity tip for entrepreneurs is; Work hard and work smart. Hustle. Keep going.

8. Take Breaks:

Take breaks. Give your team a good break to resume work energetically and enthusiastically. Break times are productive times in a way.

9. Time-Management:

Manage your Time. Avoid multitasking. Plan your day. Prioritize tasks.

10. Reward Success:

Even if it is small, celebrate success with your team. It brings enthusiasm to stay productive.

11. Have a Plan for the Day:

A Solid, as well as a Flexible Plan for the day, is important for an entrepreneur to make the day productive.

12. Have a Personal-Journal.

Write whatever ideas, plans, and things that come to you. It makes you feel productive.

13. Active Team:

Keep the team-spirit alive.

14. Monitor your progress, no matter how small it is:

Monitoring your progress shows ‘where you are heading’ and ‘how productive you are’ as a business setup.

15. Have some Accountability:

Accountability is important to keep things right and focus on productivity for entrepreneurs.


There are some steps which will help you to improve your productivity. Given below are some of the steps which will help you to improve yourself in your day-to-day life.

Steps to increase your productivity are as follows:

1. Rethink your to-do-list

2. Reduce time-drain from miscommunication

3. Stay organized and boost your productivity

4. List your “crucial results” for the day

5. Eat healthy foods throughout the day

6. Complete tasks in batches

7. Conquer procrastination

8. Prioritize your most important tasks first

9. Is that meeting really necessary?

If you find these steps hard to follow all together then you can also start one by one. Try one of the skills and add the other step when you get familiar with the previous. Try these steps for a week and you will notice the difference in your work ability.

What are the benefits of increased productivity?

Higher productivity needs better time management and proper motivation. This results in the high outcomes which lead us to the maximum benefits.

Here are some main benefits of higher productivity:

 Higher profit.

 Employ welfare.

 Better return.

 Nice relations.

 Customer satisfaction.

 Good credit rating.

 Goodwill.

 Better credit terms.

Follow some of the tips for increasing your productivity and you will get bigger profits for your company as well as an increased salary for an individual.

Here are some tips:

• Manage your time.

• Get the proper motivation.

• Add effective communication skills.

• Prioritize your tasks.

• Manage your work.

• Manage your working time as well as leisure time.

These are some of the common basic tips which will help you to improve your productivity. In this process avoid multi-tasking and try to work in speed.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis