How can I make myself more productive and efficient?

1. Bring Interest:

Without interest, no amount of productivity technique will work.

Do things with interest.

Do it to learn and improve your knowledge base.

2. Strictly achieve a specific set of goals every day:

If you follow this technique every day, you will become more productive.

Attaining daily goals means you are following discipline and a routine. It increases your overall efficiency.

3. No-Distraction Hours Every day:

Let your family/friends/employees know your working hours.

This will help them in handling or managing things without disturbing you.

4. Sleep Enough:

Only a good sleep guarantees mental clarity and nothing else.

5. Dress Confidently:

Shower every day.

Dress Confidently. Dress well even if you are working from home.

You will feel the day becoming energetic and boosts your confidence to be more productive.

6. Set the Bar:

Be better than who you are yesterday.

The only way to give your best and stay productive is to keep improving.

Set the bar and improve your standards physically, mentally, professionally, and personally.

Try every day to become a better individual.

7. Develop your Skillset:

Spend time in developing your skill-set. You will see an increase in your productivity and efficiency in everything you do.

Good command over your skill-set gives an advantage for you to execute your tasks efficiently.

Knowledge and Skill is an individual’s power.

8. Always Believe that you can Improve:

Remember Elon Musk’s quote that says:

“Constantly Think About How you Could be Doing Things Better. Keep Questioning Yourself”.

9. Have Accountability:

Accountability is important. It helps you keep going without deviating from your goals.

Accountability in any way will monitor your performance and help increase your productivity.

10. Do it For You:

It will bring more productive outcomes besides building self-confidence, motivation, and efficiency.

How to Follow and Implement 90/90/1 Rule for your Productivity and Efficiency?

If you are a student or employee or business owner, this 90/90/1 the technique will help you achieve more productivity and efficiency in whatever you do.

Initially, this practice might be hard to implement or follow. But, once you follow this 90/90/1 rule for productivity, you can see substantial outcomes and potential from you.

Your early morning hours followed by the usual morning work hours are scientifically said to be a more mental-boosting, energetic, and productive time. This 90/90/1 rule is a morning routine.

During Working-Hours:

Spend Ninety minutes i.e. 3 Hrs. every day towards one particular important work, task, or project you are involved without any kinds of Distractions.

Follow this working style for the next 90 days i.e. Three Months.

To better understand this productivity technique, let’s see it with examples.

Example 1

If you are a student preparing for exams:

Spend ninety minutes every day on subjects/topics that you find difficult.

Read, and take notes.

Work on understanding topics.

Take breaks every 60 minutes.

Be unavailable to anyone.

Follow ‘Tight-Focus’ and ‘Zero-Distraction’.

Example 2

If you are an Employee and have a target or goal to achieve:

Spend 90 minutes every day working towards the task assigned or the goals to be achieved.

Work ninety minutes with Zero-Distractions and Tight Focus.

Take quick little breaks to say 10 minutes for every 60 minutes.

Example 3

If you are an Entrepreneur:

Spend 90 minutes every day towards achieving your goals, working on new designs, implementing new techniques, or anything.

Don’t be disturbed for the next three hours.

Your focus should be on business-improvements and nothing else.

The 90/90/1 rule applies to everyone in every field.

Try following this productivity technique at least a month; you can see a considerable increase in productivity and your efficiency.