5 practical tips to overcome procrastination for habitual procrastinators

1. Do things that matter to you:

Most common reasons behind habitual procrastinators are, they always end up in the middle of things they don’t like and enjoy. It could be the work, the studies, business, environment, people, places, etc. Start by doing things that matter to you. Decorate your places in the way you like. Socialize. Add more positivity.

2. Don’t think too much:

Start. Get into action. Bring the courage to take the first step. Thinking too much before beginning any task further supports the idea to postpone and procrastinate.

3. Don’t have high expectations:

Being a habitual procrastinator, take things slowly. And don’t hold yourself by having too many expectations. Be humble in your approaches.

4. Not Freedom. Not Willpower. But Simplified Systems every day:

If you want to beat procrastination, rely on simple routines and systems every day. Systems here are having accountability, self-targets, self-goals, deadlines, etc. to stay on track. Freedom fuels your procrastination. And willpower will not get you anywhere because you aren’t mentally prepared to begin a task. This is where procrastination happens.

For habitual procrastinators, following simple-routines and systems will help in overcoming procrastination rather than the “freedom” and “willpower” which are delicate factors for you.

5. Beating procrastination is an ongoing process

Understand and accept that overcoming procrastination is an ongoing process. It needs a push every day. We cannot break procrastination over-night. People think it all goes away saying “tomorrow is a new day. I have the will. I’ll finish all my tasks”. Well, it doesn’t work like that. Procrastination needs some fixing time. Those who can’t wait and look for immediate results will become inconsistent. They procrastinate again. Procrastination takes time, solid routines, and a little push daily to overcome.