3 Harmful Effects Of Procrastination


Have you thought about the effects of procrastination? Usually, no one gives it a thought. People do not think about the after-effects. The reasons for procrastination are different for all. Sometimes, it could be a fear of trying something new. Also, it could be simply because a person is lazy. Whatever the reasons procrastination has harmful effects. Let's have a look at 3 of the side effects of procrastination.

1. Losing Precious Time

When a person puts off work, they actually drag the work. This results in wastage of time. A work that can be done within an hour is put off. This time can be used for other tasks. Time is precious. Hence, once you lose it, there is no going back. Besides, it is better to complete work on time than to repent later.

2. Losing Goals

Procrastination will make you lose your goals. You might want to bring about changes. But your habit of putting off work will not make you reach goals. Every individual has a desire to better themselves. This starts with setting goals. However, procrastination will not help you in any way.

3. Losing Opportunities

Being lazy will take away opportunities. It is always wise to take advantage of chances when they are available. If you put off work, you will lose huge opportunities. The majority of times, there are no second chances. Hence, being lazy will lose out on better opportunities.

These are three of the effects of procrastination. Work on your habit for a better life.



Here are the reasons which lead to the procrastination:

1. Fear of unknown.

2. I’ll do later.

3. Completing only easy tasks because they are easy.

4. Unclear about how to get started.

5. You get distracted.

6. Perfectionism.

7. Depression.

8. Lack of motivation.

9. Thinking of people.

10. Fear to be called stupid.

11. Nervousness.

12. The habit of longing it.

These are the main 12 reasons which lead to procrastination. These are the things which you must avoid. If these are the habits which you have, then try to overcome them by simple techniques. These seem to be very small but leads to massive destruction of your career or personal life. Try to overcome them soon.