How to be a Better You

How to Be a Better You

Life can be pretty hard at times. So how do improve yourself each day?

1. Learn one good thing every day

It does not matter how big or small it is. But make sure to do one small thing every single day. It may be a simple act of kindness like sharing your food, donating your things, making people smile. These small acts make you realize the true meaning of life.

2. Work out or Practise meditation

Meditation has a great soothing effect on your body and mind. It is also known to help relieve stress, anxiety or depression. It helps you concentrate and focus better. Meditating also gives you a fresh head start to your day. Working out also gives you similar results.

3. Set priorities each day

The first thing after you wake up should be to jot down a quick list of the priorities of your day. This will help in cutting out other distractions and focus on what's important.

These are simple things you can try out to be a better you. It costs nothing but could help you transform and look at the bright side of things.

Sail through Tough Times!

A good life's also about Tough times. You can't learn, can't see what life is and will never be able to see past your own view unless you are being put in the toughest spot you could ever be. Tough Times will bring in the beautiful blooms in you!

Start Small-Accept: It has happened, take it slow, accept it and please don't resist. The more you make it difficult to accept the situation, the bad it gets to overcome.

Take your Time: Your mind and body need its own time, pace and a sense-of-calmness to overcome distress and tough times. Take your time. Heal slowly. Let it go.

The Burning-Question: In tough times, the one thing that never leaves our mind would be 'Why Me?/What did i do to deserve this'. It hinders optimism. It's not the right approach to move forward especially during your tough period.

Wheels Turn Quick: Life's Wheel turns very quick in a jiffy. Tough times never last forever.

Make Simple Lifestyle Changes: Mind and Body can work wonders even if senses a small change when we're going through some tough time. It can be as simple as a nice walk.

Find Things you love.

Do what you like.