2 signs you are overwhelmed


  1. You’re suffering from headaches

The anxiety and disturbed sleep that comes with being overwhelmed can usually produce headaches – very unhelpful when you previously have so much to deal with!

The fix

As with many of the signs on this list, headaches can be treated with proper self-care: eat healthily, exercise and try to manage your sleep. It’s also essential to stay hydrated, so add ‘drink water’ to your to-do list! Meditation and massage can also help, so take some time to soothe your muscles and your mind. If your headaches worsen or continue, talk to your doctor.

  1. You are more sensitive than usual

Being sensitive and lashing out or finding yourself becoming teary over things that wouldn’t usually upset you can be unnerving and difficult, for you and those around you.

The fix

Make a point of taking time to rest and restore, and pay close consideration to your feelings. If you’re concerned with your emotional state, reach out to a professional. You should also talk to your friends and family, and let them know how you feel; request for help and guide.

Signs of Forgetfulness and What to Do About It


You’re forgetful

Being overwhelmed can produce forgetfulness in many methods, such as having too many things on your mind at once, not taking enough sleep, general stress and anxiety, and drinking alcohol. However, it’s deserving of seeing your doctor if your negligence starts to seriously affect your life, as it could be another cause such as hormone irregularities, certain medications, and abnormal thyroid function.

The fix

Keep yourself mentally live with things you enjoy, like crosswords, card games or learning something new. It’s also important to make and stick to routines – keep your work and home areas clean and organized, and keep your calendars and to-do lists in plain view. Try to limit disturbances while you work, such as checking your phone or chatting too much to keep your brain on what you’re doing.

To keep to yourself


You’re Keeping To Yourself More

Feeling overwhelmed usually means you feel psychologically and physically fatigued, and cannot find the energy to spend time with others. You may become withdrawn, as spending time around other people can feel like an effort rather than a pleasure.

The fix

Nothing is wrong with taking time for yourself and unwinding with a book or snuggling up to watch a movie. However, try not to shut out the people who are dear to you – don’t let go of bonds, but describe to your friends that you’re feeling overwhelmed and taking time to recover. They will most likely understand, and check-in with you now and again to give support.

No Motivation To Work? Evaluate Signs Of Burnout


Lack of Motivation

One of the greatest side-effects of feeling overwhelmed is lack of motivation. If you are not motivated to do a task, then you can give you 100% in that task. Lack of motivation can be caused by depression or maybe because of some other reason.

The Fix

Prioritize what you think are the most essential things on your list and take them one at a time. Finish one task fully before moving on, as having too many incomplete projects can feel intimidating. Try not to look too far ahead, just maintain a constant, flexible pace, and don’t be scared to ask for help where you need it.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

12 signs you are overwhelmed


1. You Have Difficulty Sleeping

2. You Are Always Tired

3. You Lack Energy

4. You Are Anxious

5. You Are Stressed Out

6. You Have A Loss Of Appetite

7. You Have Difficulty Focusing

8. Lack of Motivation

9. You’re Keeping To Yourself More

10. You’re forgetful

11. You’re suffering from headaches

12. You are more sensitive than usual