Laziness vs. Procrastination - 4 Points to Know the difference

Laziness vs. Procrastination: #1

Laziness is an act of unwillingness and inactivity. It's like, "why should I do. Someone else can do it. I am happy doing nothing".

Procrastination is suggested as an active process. You know you have to do it. But, you postpone it for tomorrow and do something today.

Laziness is: "I don't want to do it".

Procrastination is: "I want to do it but not now". You end up doing what your Instant-Gratification monkey says is 'good' right now.

Laziness vs. Procrastination: #2

Procrastination comes when we cannot handle negative emotions. If there's fear, anxiety, the pressure to prove, or other negative emotions around a task, people keep putting off the tasks. When there are overwhelming emotions correlated with any task, we keep procrastinating. Some fear and emotion will hold us from beginning the task and completing it.

Laziness is something that promotes Zero willpower to begin any task. It's just existence with no specific drive or purpose. Laziness is like willingly removing oneself from tasks.

Laziness vs. Procrastination: #3

Procrastinators will have remorse. They will be guilt-ridden by the amount of tasks they keep postponing. They do other tasks, but still, they feel unhappy about their unfinished tasks and projects.

Laziness is like being happy doing nothing. Sometimes we need a time where we have to relax, doing nothing. That is different, and don't confuse it here with laziness.

Laziness vs. Procrastination: #4

With procrastination, there will be some responsibility. With laziness, there will be none. Procrastinators will definitely say, "somehow, I have to do it." With laziness, the thought will shift like 'someone else can do it.' There's no responsible process here.

ACTION is the only way to cure Laziness and Procrastination.