SELF-DOUBTS - Embrace it. But, Don't Yield to it !


“We all have self-doubt. You don’t deny it, but you also don’t capitulate to it. You embrace it.” - Kobe Bryant

Ever thought about “I don’t know if I could do it”? If the answer is yes, then welcome aboard. Everyone including ‘you’ and ‘me’ has gone through this.

Besides, even achievers and performers have asked the same question to themselves at one point.

We all have self-doubts.

Self-doubts will come but, if you make them stay with you, you stay there and don’t move forward.

Embracing that I have flaws and self-doubts is a good thing. It makes me want to improve and see where I go wrong. I get to understand what is stopping me when I embrace my flaws and self-doubts.

What’s wrong here is yielding to self-doubts that comes to you. When I capitulate to my self-doubts, it means I am not confident in whoever I am. The knowledge, skills, and talents that I have will diminish if I am constantly pulled by self-doubts.

Try. That’s the one ultimate solution to overcome self-doubts. Keep Trying and don’t worry about any results.

Only by Doing & Trying you can come out of self-doubts.

As I said earlier, it’s okay to have self-doubts. It happens to everyone.

But, what makes successful people stand out is, they embrace their self-doubts and bring their will to work better and move forward than their self-doubts. Instead, they don't yield or surrender to their self-doubts.

If you want to achieve in life, keep your "self-doubts" away and Go Try.

When you have self-doubts, that is when you need to train your brain to say “I will try to do and see what happens”.

Never capitulate to the self-doubts.