What can stop you from achieving goals?


These are the primary obstacles which you need to overcome first:

• DISTRACTION: Find your distractions. It can be surfing on the internet for a longer time, excessive music, and many more. List them and try to spend less time on it. Slowly you will start to minimize your distractions.

• EXPECTATIONS: Do not expect extra-ordinary. You will get the results if you consistently follow your work schedule and every other parameter. Don’t expect overnight results.

• EXCUSES: Stop giving excuses. Excuses always delay your work. Give your work your first priority.

• TAKING BIGGER STEPS: Always breakdown the things into smaller. Do not take any bigger steps. You may manage it for 1-2 times but it doesn’t work for a long time.

• FOCUSING ON THE END RESULT: The end result fascinates us but does not daydream about it. You need to walk the path for it. So make sure you work equally to achieve them.

Challenges and Solutions for Goal Setting


Gain info on common challenges in goal setting and effective solutions to overcome them. Unlock strategies for achieving your aspirations.

Challenges for goal setting:

CHALLENGE 1-UNREALISTIC GOALS: this can be a challenge for you. It is very hard to find what exactly you want in life.

CHALLENGE 2-PROCESS: To make a process is very tough. It’s hard to breakdown your goals into numerous small achievements.

CHALLENGE 3-MANAGEMENT: to manage time, goals and time are very tough. You need to think carefully to give time to them.

CHALLENGE 4-SACRIFICES: some goals require sacrifices. Some are very easy like switching your social media accounts off and some are tough as leaving your comfort zone.

Solutions to face these challenges:

SOLUTION 1-REALISTIC GOALS: give time to think and set goals.

SOLUTION 2-WORK ACCORDINGLY: find the main pillars of your goal and try to achieve them one by one.

SOLUTION 3-FOLLOW SCHEDULE: make a schedule and follow it.

SOLUTION 4-GAIN: when you sacrifice something, you always gain new things that you need to find and apply those positive things at the right time.

What are goal setting problems?


Goal setting problems are as follow:

• Time. Time becomes a problem in goal setting when you are too late. When you delay things, it can also become a major problem later. So giving time to your goals and completing the work on time saves your maximum time. If you follow your schedule then time becomes no problem.

• Process. Go according to the process. Breakdown your goals into small achievements and work for it. Go one by one and achieve them. The process becomes a huge problem when you do not follow the process. It also becomes a threat when you do not make any process to achieve them.

• Dos and Don’ts. Always be punctual, stick to the process and follow your dreams. There are many things which you need to find according to your goals.

• Management. This is the backbone of your goals. You need to manage your goals and your work so that it will be easy to work on it. Manage your work, appointments, and projects properly.

How to avoid goal setting problems?


These are the few techniques which will help you to avoid goal setting problems:

• Write your schedule. Always write your monthly or yearly schedule for your goals. Also, write a daily schedule to improve your abilities. The monthly and yearly schedule will help you to achieve goals and daily schedules will help you to improvise yourself and coming closer to it.

• Manage your time. Always manage your tie when it comes to your goals. Give some time period to it and work for it. Manage when you are working and till what date it will be completed.

• Be punctual. Try to complete your work very soon. Practice it more and present it on time.

• Follow the process of goal setting. Always follow your goal setting sheet. Achieve them all in parts on by one. Don’t hurry and go slow but don’t delay.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

5 Common goal setting problems


Five common goal setting problems are:

• Setting unrealistic goals. Do not set unrealistic goals. These are not going to lead you to the life you always wanted. So set realistic goals and work for it.

• Focusing on a few areas. Focusing on our weaker part is good but ignoring the things we know can bring huge damage.

• Not appreciating failure. We always learn something new from our failures so always appreciate the failure. Note what you learned from the experience and apply it next time to gain success.

• Underestimating the completion time. Giving time to your work is necessary. But delaying your work can lead to a huge mistake in your life.

• Note reviewing progress. Reviewing your progress is very important in goal setting. It helps us to note whether what to achieve and how to achieve. Reviewing it can also help you to identify the unachieved goals.