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Vietnam Mission Hero - Captain charlie plumb,



A great war hero of Vietnam. Fight much war for Vietnam.

One time when he goes to fight, his plane crash, but he still lives from this fight.

After a couple of years later, one time he goes to eat in a restaurant. One waiter come together and say,

"Sir, are you Vietnam Mission HERO, right?"

Charlie plumb answered," yes, but I Am not a hero, I am a fighter."

Waiter asked, "Sir, are you know me?"

Charlie Plumb replies, "I am sorry, but I don't know you."

The waiter said, "sir, I am the man who tied the parachute during your last flight."

Charlie Plumb stood up and hugged the waiter. He fed the waiter and thanked him, saying,

"Maybe it's because of you that I'm alive today."

Be thankful like that.

We never say Thank you to any kind of help.

Getting significant achievement, we never say thank you to a person who is work for you.

Never forget it. Be thankful


Here are some tricks and tips which will help you to stay focused and motivated:

• Don't Assume Money Will Motivate You.

Always think of your goal. It is not always that money will motivate you. It’s your dreams which make a difference.

• Make sure what Your Goals are.

Always stay cleared to your goals. They might change but try to be cleared and don’t change them again and again.

• Visualize The Results.

When you are in no mood to work then visualize the moments when you will achieve it and life after having that. It will motivate you to work.

• Break The Goal Down Into Smaller Pieces.

Divide your goals into smaller tasks. This will help you to simplify it and achieve them faster.

• Get Organized.

Don’t get disturbed and messed. Schedule it and then organize your daily schedule and work.