How not to lose motivation in school?


There are many ways through which you will not lose your motivation in school. Some of them are mentioned below:

Acknowledge your accomplishments.

• Focus on high-impact activities.

Taking parts in sports and any other activities require your total attention and focus. So, try them out, and you will get the motivation to go to school.

• Create new challenges.

Challenge yourself in sports and studies as well. Sports will definitely challenge you with the games but find someone who will challenge you in studies. This will improve your grades.

• Make new friends.

Try to socialize yourself. Try to make friends daily. At-least have a simple talk with new people.

• Find a social support network.

Make your bonds strong with your friends and teachers.

• Set goals.

Set attainable goals and work for them.

These are the ways through which you will stay motivated in school. Always accept challenges and find new ones to tackle them. Set new attainable goals and complete them. Try to be social and make new friends.

How to get motivated for school?


Here are some of the ways to stay motivated for school:

• Break larger tasks into smaller ones.

Breakdown your bigger tasks into smaller ones so that you can complete it faster.

• Don’t get tensed at the beginning of your project/presentation.

Just be calm when you start the project. It seems too much at the beginning.

• Reward yourself.

Reward yourself after every task. Reward yourself after every week when it comes to studying.

• Set your goals and study for it.

When you set your goal, you get the direction. So get motivated and work for it.

• Use your friends to motivate you.

This can be the best way to motivate yourself to go to school. Make good friends and get motivation.

• Study well.

Poor grades can also be the reason to avoid school. So, start to study from the beginning. Start from the small topics and you will definitely get good grades as well.