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To ensure the quality of self-estimation, we need to keep in mind that no one can motivate you better than yourself. There are some people who are always there on the other side. They will demoralize you and break you in every step that you take. But you have to make yourself the top-self priority to keep going in life.

We need to keep in mind that we are our first and foremost priority, so we have to stay motivated all the time.

I) We have to know our place in the world, and by knowing that if anyone tries to demotivate you, then you can easily deny the fact that you have to listen to them which can readily increase your self-esteem

II) We have to know that we are our best companion throughout our lives and no one can support us better than ourselves

III) If anyone tries to cut your points down, you can make a stand for your own by motivating yourself continuously

IV) But you definitely should keep this in mind that this is not a one time job. You need better self-esteem in you to help you keep motivating yourself daily and continuously.