Measuring Workplace Productivity: Understand What a Productive Workplace is ?

Based on five different scales, we can easily understand what a productive workplace looks like.

On a Health Perspective:

1. The workplace should promote and support employee wellbeing and health.

2. A workplace should provide a Safe and Secure Environment.

3. Workplace design should enable employee moments instead of sitting in the same place for hours.

4. Have optimum conditions to bring comfort to workers.

5. Have a clean and tidy environment.

6. Have Access to healthy food and good hydration.

7. Have Safety medical equipment, quick first-aids, and other emergency medical facilities.

Workplace Efficiency:

1. The workplace should enable employees to do their jobs without unnecessary disturbances.

2. Employees should be able to make use of the office environment for their productivity.

3. A workplace should train and make their employee's competent.

4. Enable good use of office spaces, timings, and other workplace resources.

Effectiveness of a Working environment:

1. Good team dynamics

2. Motivated employees.

3. Good leadership.

4. Good management.

5. Ease and flexible working.

These 5 factors determine workplace effectiveness.

Engaged Workplace:

1. The engaging office environment is important for productivity

2. We should make communications from all levels easy and more interactive.

3. Employees should feel engaged.

4. Employees should feel valued, appreciated, and respected.

Giving Back To The employees:

1. A workplace should not always concentrate on harvesting employee efforts/results.

2. The workplace should give back in terms of knowledge, opportunities, and possibilities for employee career growth.

3. We should give employees financial allowances, perks, and benefits.

4. Giving a platform for employees to enhance their skills and talents.

5. A workplace should give different exposures to employees.

In short, we can summarize workplace productivity as:

Good Workspace.

Up-to-Date operative work environment.

Exposure to knowledge and opportunities.

Competent Human Resources.

Overall Positive work environment.

Flexible and Comfortable Work practices.

Based on all these criteria, workplace productivity can be measured to a good extent.