Strategies for Measuring Workplace Productivity: Part II

1. Clarity:

Have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve. You can easily come up with productivity measuring strategies.

2. Baseline:

Have a baseline. An organization’s basic metrics, expectations, and standards are important for measuring their productivity.

3. Employee Point of View:

Employees drive your workplace and the organization on the whole.

Firstly, an employee cannot stay the same. Maintaining consistent performance every time is not possible for employees.

Secondly, an employee’s mutual interest and alignment with management, the company’s goals, and values are important.

Third and foremost is, the workplace should be built on positivities like respect, support, good team dynamics.

These 3 points are important to measure workplace productivity.

4. Work Culture:

Poor leadership, inequality, no-empathy, inflexibility, result-oriented, lack of communication, treating employees badly, indifference with opportunities, favoritism is a few examples of bad work cultures. It decreases workplace productivity.

5. Client Feedbacks & Surveys:

They are important for assessing workplace productivity on all levels.

6. Human Resource:

A workplace needs good Talent Acquisition and employee retention. Good human resources are a measure of productivity.

7. 'Input is Better that Output' Strategy:

Input based approach in a workplace is good for measuring productivity. Whereas with an output-based approach, many factors have an intangible nature to them i.e. they are not concrete enough to take into account.

8. Sense of Community:

Employees must feel a sense of community and friendship with peers and the organization.

9. Unexpected Situations:

Unusual circumstances, a sudden change in global trends, a negative global phenomenon, or other unexpected situations can contribute to a decrease in workplace productivity.

10. Know where you are Standing Right Now:

It helps in identifying important factors to consider for measuring current workplace productivity.

In Conclusion:

We have shared with you the basic strategies and factors considered in measuring workplace productivity. Depending on the organization's current scenarios and trends, the factors can vary and strategies can change.