Must love yourself

Love has potential that affect the state of mind, heart, and working of the body. It is an awesome emotion if you live it to the fullest. Love creates versatility inside us to move on. It makes us strong from the inside and helps us to face any situation. If you love yourself, it gives you the power to stand still in the hardest of time.

The question is, Do we love ourselves enough ? or Are we waiting for someone to hold our hand and carry on the path of love? Or If someone special is not anymore part of our life, do we stop to live and love ourselves. But why? We must love ourselves genuinely the way we are.

Some tips to love yourself :

1) Think about yourself first – No, I am not advising you to become selfish. But if you love yourself and can save yourself that way, you can love others and save others.

2) Take care of your body – Don't pressurize your body in any situation. Enjoy your healthy food. It charges you with positivity.

3) Stand in the fresh air at least for 10 minutes in a day.

4) Endless thinking didn't give you anything. Communicate with anyone or with yourself. One right way is to write your thought in the diary.

5) Make books, music, art, or any sport your part of life. They will help in changing the mindset you are going through.

6) Try not to use the 'I' word ten-day in a row.

7) Sleep like nobody is watching.

8) Smile

God has made you with love. If you have a problem the way you are, how can you expect others not to take you for granted? Keep in mind, Give love and time to yourself.

What is success?

Success is "To laugh often and love much".

Says the first line of the poem written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a known poet, essayist and philosopher entitled "What is success?" Reading by the line, success then is anyone can have.

True enough, though. If you love someone, without doubt, give your faith to that someone and believes that person with all your heart, would you be able to laugh carefree? Of course, you can and you will, Loving a person wholeheartedly can help you create a sound, harmonious relationship with him or them. It will make you comfortable that laughing often will come naturally.

If you love without limits, you'll be able to find friends easily. Friends you can trust and friends you can laugh hard without worrying about what will they think of you after. If you love without expectations, then you can accept things openly hence be able to resolve conflicts critically.

As long as you can love, you can laugh at every storm cast upon your way. Success then means a life without worry.

Success is being able to overcome life. And after each struggle, you can still love and laugh with all your heart.