What is Logical Thinking Skills with Examples?

Logical Thinking Skill:

Logical thinking looks for things that make “sense”. Logical thinking skills are reflected in the way you:

  • Question
  • Reason
  • Think
  • Form opinions

You classify what is appropriate and judge what is right based on a given set of logic.

Characteristics of Logical Thinking Skill:

  1. Logical thinking skills are more of a sequential thought process.
  2. People are not born with logical thinking skills. People practice it and perfect it.
  3. Logical thinking skills pay close attention to details.
  4. Logical thinking skill considers facts, details, data, patterns, and perceptions.
  5. There is no place for emotional aspects or biases in logical thinking.
  6. An Important characteristic of logical thinking is, you will reject thoughts like “I don’t know” or “it is too difficult” or “I can’t do this”.
  7. If trained in logical thinking, people get smarter and sharper. Logical thinking can be perfected by constant practice.
  8. Logical Thinking helps you take better decisions, give productive results, and reduce complexities.
  9. Logical thinkers are good solution-givers.
  10. Logical thinking skills can be enhanced by playing puzzles, mental challenges, solving crosswords, math games, word games, etc.

You can understand what logical thinking is through different examples here.

Ex 1: What if someone says This Street brings Poor luck?

Logical Thinking would be:

· It is a much-generalized point.

· Does this street bring bad luck to you or everyone? If so, where is the proof?

· Has everyone gone through this street experienced bad luck?

· How many people can verify it?

Ex 2: I am living in Stockholm. I am living in a Nordic Country.

Logical Inference:

Facts are verifiable because Stockholm is in Sweden. The countries Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway are all referred to as Nordic Countries.