There's so much buzz around 'Positive-Thinking,' 'Positive-Attitude', and 'Being-Positive,' which is good, but the reality is we cannot always stay positive.

It's okay to feel 'broken-down' or 'being let-down' sometimes. It happens, and it can also break our mindset which is completely normal. But, to stay put, that way is not good. That's when you need to be positive.

Sometimes you need to feel down in order to make up your mind towards something strong like 'let's just get through this,' which is a wonderful positive attitude. Being in your own sunshine-cloud can sometimes hide the true value of being positive.

Being positive also means to be there for people who need you in times of distress. Helping or being able to just stand next in times of distress gives a wonderful sense of positivity to you and to those around you.

Positive Attitude or Being Positive also has another important face. It Involves Things that you like, Pursuing what you like, Ticking things-off your bucket-list, Places you like to visit, Work that you do with passion & love, and Walking the path holding hands with other people like you are life's wonderful things that speak about 'Being Positive'.