10 learning techniques.png

Whether out of habit or by conscious choice, we all make use of various learning techniques when we attempt to store new information in our long term memory. But not all study habits are created equal; some may be more efficient than others, especially when you factor in the amount of time it takes to implement each one.

Researchers have recently characterized 10 learning techniques according to whether they provide high, moderate, or low utility, based on each technique’s relative efficacy, ease of use, and applicability to a broad range of learning situations.

1. Practice testing

Using practice tests to review information

2. Distributed practice

Spreading out study sessions over time

3. Elaborative interrogation

Asking your self "why" as you read

4. Self-explanation

Generating reasons to explain new information

5. Interleaved practice

Trying out different types of problems when you practice

6. Summarization

Summarizing lengthy information

7. Keyword mnemonics

Associating new words with similar-sounding words

8. Visualizing

Generating mental images while you read

9. Highlighting and underlining

Emphasizing key points in the text

10. Rereading

Reviewing information multiple times