What it takes to be a GOOD LEADER !


“Great Leaders are almost always great Simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.”
- Colin Powell

What makes the person a great leader? Many things! One such forte is, Leaders are simplifiers. They don’t obscure things.

Good Leadership is all about making things easier. Also, leadership is about effectively handling complications and create none.

Leaders don’t extend the problems anymore. Getting the right answers will be their key focus. They spend more time in bringing solutions instead of debating and arguing.

Leaders don’t just bring any solution to the table. Their answers will be the best solutions that everyone could agree with. How do they do it? They take everything as a challenge instead of an obstacle. The mind keeps working about ‘What we could do next’ instead of worrying. Leaders think for everyone and what's workable and appropriate for people around them.

Leaders look for valid arguments and debates to understand the challenge. They don’t have time for drags on opinions and discussions.

It’s difficult to give solutions that quickly. To cut through every doubt and argument will need more expertise and experience. Good leaders are best at this. They will be good at giving concise, focused and yet simpler solutions.

The way people handle problems and finding appropriate solutions can showcase their leadership qualities.

For those who want to be a good leader, this quote will help you understand what it takes.