Is extrinsic motivation totally bad? No. It has some positive sides too. Here are:

        11 facts about Extrinsic Motivation:

        1.) Things will not be under your control to process it.

        2.) When you are extrinsically motivated, you end up doing things that will not give you a feeling of content.

        3.) You will find more restrictions and coercion.

        4.) External factors could change. At some point, you will feel like stopping it or quitting it. But, when you are genuinely motivated, you keep going longer.

        5.) Peoples stop performing when they don’t find enough rewards.

        6.) In some cases, when there are no impactful results or if they don’t care about it anymore, people stop.

        7.) Extrinsic motivation will not guarantee a solid success for a long time.

        8.) Extrinsic Motivation works well under business establishments.

        9.) Thought it solely requires intrinsic motivation, some areas could use extrinsic motivating factors too. For Example Sports, Education, Studying, Job, Fitness, and sometimes even in healthy people, we could use some extrinsic motivation.

        10.) If Extrinsic Motivating factors are more appreciative, positive, helpful, and supportive, people can be very well produced.

        11.) Extrinsic motivation could be fruitful when combined i.e., Giving rewards in addition to making people feel like ‘it’s worth it’ is a wonderful strategy.

        Though extrinsic motivation has some downsides, it can be productive when used rightly.