How can I Improve my Lower Order Thinking Skills?

Lower Order Thinking Skills are basic qualities we need to develop to become good at critical thinking. Lower-order thinking improves problem-solving and decision-making abilities in us.

6 Techniques to Improve your Lower Order Thinking Skills:

1. Be Willing to Hear:

Lower Order Thinking skills are about grasping the basics. You can grasp the basics of anything by

  1. Listen to what other people have to say.
  2. Refer to multiple resources.
  3. Gather opinions.
  4. Cross-check and validate facts.
  5. Look for real-time experiences.

Develop your mind to grasp the basic things around you easily. Avoiding complications is one way of improving LOTS.

2. Be aware of what’s going on:

How will you understand the problem if you don’t know what is going on? So, be aware of what’s happening around you. Mindfulness is a basic quality you need for boosting Lower Order Thinking.

3. Describe the problem in your way:

By understanding problems your way, you become closer to interpreting it and finding a solution. Ask Questions to understand the problem even closer.

You can write, doodle, mind-map the problems in your way. It improves your understanding and logical thinking.

4. Make Inferences:

Write what comes to your mind about the problem. Refer to previous sources related to the problem. Do groundwork. Gather necessary data.

Come up with clear and crisp inferences of:

  1. What is this concept?
  2. What does it say?
  3. Where can it be applied?
  4. Why it is applied? Etc.

Getting logical inferences is a simple way to boost your Lower Order Thinking.

5. Improve Memory:

Remembering and recalling is key to Lower Order Thinking. To improve your memory power. Play brain games and memory exercises in your free time.

6. Bring Interest:

Interest and self-motivation are important to boost thinking skills in individuals. Without self-interest, even a critical thinking mind becomes lethargic.

How to improve my Critical Thinking abilities? 5 Powerful Ways

1. Learn More:

Every day, we think, process, and perceive a lot of thoughts in our brains. Our brain will give thoughts/responses automatically when it sees, feels, or hears anything. This is usual thinking.

But, what makes critical thinking special is, it avoids the general thought process and brings precision. For that, you need to learn more. Learn more about the problems before you get to the heart of the matter. Learn fresh angles. This is how you improve your critical thinking abilities.

Understanding is critical thinking.

2. Overcome “I’m always right” attitude:

To think you are always right makes you see the world through a keyhole. Critical thinking needs information, ideas, and perspectives from all resources to get the right answer.

If you like to improve your critical thinking skills, process other perspectives also.

3. Ask Questions:

The basis of critical thinking skill is in formulating the “Where”, “What”, “Why”, “How”, and “When”. If you know how to ask questions, you are almost near the solution. This is what critical thinking teaches us.

To hone your critical thinking abilities, ask questions when approaching the problems/situations. Ask why it happened? , How do you know about it? What is the missing piece here? Etc.

4. Situation Impacts Decisions:

Emotions like sadness, happiness, laziness, anger, contempt will impact your decisions. Same way, your surroundings and people in it impact your decision. Also, you may have your own biases.

Good critical thinking skill is to overcome situations, emotions, and biases and think about what is right.

5. Reviewing Previous Groundworks:

Critical thinking need not always be from you. Sometimes, you can refer to the groundwork that has already covered tackled the situation or problem. A study from it. Learn what has been done.

Take the necessary and apply it to the present situation.