3 Odd Ways To Enhance Brain Power.png

A list of remarkable unique ways to keep our brain active and sharp

1. Lift weight at least once a week
Weight lifting and other physical exercises boost your heart rate and will enhance blood flow to your brain.

2. Sleep well or take a short nap
Taking a nap during the day especially after acquiring new knowledge helps you in retaining the knowledge gained and as well as keep your brain sharp.

3. Eat wild salmon at least once a week
Wild salmon is researched to contain many boosting nutrients to help your body and brain function well.

7 Ways To Improve Brain Power.png

1. Use your left hand more often (or right hand if you are a lefty)

Switching your dominant hand when doing activities will trigger your brain cells and force your brain to adapt, thereby empowering your brain.

2. Start taking new routes

Taking unfamiliar routes to your workplace or home will activate the hippocampus and cortex in your brain

3. Learn one new thing and become good at it

By focusing on learning a new thing, your brain tends to restructure to the new style, and help develops a new neural pathway that strengthens brainpower.

4. Quit multitasking

If you attempt to carry out your works very quickly. Multitasking may effectually slow you down behind schedule, make you forgetful and as well subject you to errors.

5. Ask questions

How do you think those philosophers get to be known as the smartest men alive?

6. Stop watching TV

Testing confirmed that verbal IQ scores, which measure vocabulary and language skills, fell in proportion to the hours of TV watched.

7. Play N-back and Dual N-back in the morning

It can boost your intelligence by increasing the number of items that can be retained in the working memory which is the bottleneck of knowledge.