List of 5 Significant Higher Order Thinking Skills

Higher-order thinking abilities will carry your critical-thinking levels to a peak. Here are lists of 5 higher-order thinking skills you should follow in your life. It not only improves your critical thinking abilities but also makes you highly productive.

1. Being Original:

By being yourself, you realize your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and improvement areas. Once you know yourself, you align your thinking accordingly. By being an authentic person, you enhance your originality and creativity in things you do.

2. Using Imagination:

Critical thinking starts with imagination. If you can imagine different outcomes, perspectives, and possibilities for a problem, it means your higher-order thinking abilities are growing.

3. Finding Purposes:

Higher-order critical thinking has made many people find their true purpose and passion. When you start thinking critically in life, you will identify

  1. What do you want?
  2. What works?
  3. What doesn’t fit?
  4. What is irrelevant?
  5. What are the future possibilities?
  6. Will this education/career work for me? Etc.

These questions form the basis of finding your purpose in life. Among the list of higher-order thinking skills, ‘Finding Purpose’ is the most interesting and stands out.

4. Ability to Accept Changes:

Brian is a mix of ‘constant changes’ and ‘existing systems’. Accept new changes. Your brain will combine and connect new changes with existing data. Your critical thinking improves. The result is, you become efficient in finding better perspectives.

5. Open-Minded Thinking:

Your higher-order thinking levels improve when you become open-minded and accept things. Higher-order doesn’t work when your mind is narrow and doesn't see the world positively.


The above list of higher-order thinking skills determines an individual’s critical thinking levels and helps them improve better.