What is a resume and importance of resume?

What is a resume and importance of resume?.png

A resume is a document that lists your education — work experience, skills as well as achievements. Successful resumes attract potential companies. To invite candidates to interview for the post. You will need a resume for almost any job application. Importance of a resume: It’s considered essential information. To give to an employer so they can weigh up whether you’re suitable for a role. And if they want to invite you to a job interview.

Importance of resume such as

1. Summarize your vocation goal

2. To show your accomplishments

Following are the advantages of a good resume-

1. To sell your skills

2. To grab an interview

3. To Brand Yourself

4. Quick but lasting first impression

5. To show your achievements

In any interview procedure, the well-written resume plays a significant role. Your resume is one of the essential items for any group. The importance of resume it that clarifies the summary of your previous work experience, knowledge, skills, and training.