How can I be appreciative of what I have?
8 Little Things That Can Help You Be More Appreciative Of Life
  1. Be In The Moment. Focus on enjoying the present moment and taking in the sounds, senses, voices, and faces of those around you.
  2. Put Down Technology When With Others.
  3. Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings.
  4. Do A Gratitude Exercise.
  5. Create A "Happy Project"
  6. Watch Less Television.
  7. Have A Regular Spot.
  8. Speak To Strangers.
Appreciation is important


Humans have a bad habit of spending too much time wanting a particular thing to happen instead of appreciating what we already have. This gives birth to dissatisfaction and drains out all the positive energy to do our regular work.

People need to learn how to appreciate what they already have. Because maybe from someone’s perspective, what we have is the highest point of success. Wanting more from oneself is definitely not bad. But wasting whole life by just wanting more is not an intelligent’s work. Our life and success are only our perceptions.