“May your choices reflect your hopes, and not your fears.” - Nelson Mandela

Take your life decisions based on what you love and what you hope to get. Don’t choose your decisions or make choices out of fear.

The choices we make can impact our life for good and bad. When we make those choices to reflect our ideas, hopes and towards our dreams, life becomes positive. Instead, if you direct your life choices bases on your fears, you will remain scared more. Clarity & Contentment goes out if the decisions I make are out of my fears and confusion.

In hope of good financial stability, take choices. Save yourself some money. Hoping to have a good family for yourself, then make choices accordingly. If you are hoping to get a good education, you will make choices accordingly. In better hopes, take your life’s choices and decisions.

What happens if we take our life's decisions and choices based on fear? You will stop somewhere in life unsure of what to do.

I agree. We all experience fear at one point. We may feel like ‘What if it happens’, 'We don’t know what might happen’, ‘what if things go entirely wrong’ etc. These confusion and fear will cloud our judgments and make us take bad decisions.

Taking decisions or making choices out of 'fear of losing', 'getting embarrassed' or 'What if I fail' is not the right approach to consider in your life.

Look for what you want in life and make the choices in that hope. It works great.

Life is a bag of hope and positivity. There’s no place for fear and negativities.

So, take your life choices based on your hopes and not fears.