How to Beat Procrastination?

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10 Simple & Effective Time Management Techniques to Beat Procrastination

With a simple and easy to follow time-management techniques, you can easily overcome the procrastination habit.

1. “Active” in Your Spare Time

2. Divide the work into little chunks

3. ‘Short-Time’ things first

4. Get Started somewhere

5. Take Little Breaks

6. Stop Notifications for a While

7. There’s ‘No’ Perfect time

8. De-cluttered Workplace

9. Schedule & Prioritize

10. Better Idea than Avoidance

Procrastination is normal. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. To beat procrastination, allocate a specific time or a few hours in a day to do the things that you like to do. In this way, you won’t be thinking about them while you are set to work seriously. But, the concern here is if we keep procrastinating, it puts a question on our credibility. We need to draw the line somewhere.

Good time-management skills can help you treat procrastinating habits a lot better.

16 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Procrastination
  1. Remember this quote: “Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” – Mason Cooley.
  1. Instead of “I want to”, try saying “I choose to”. Focus shifts from ‘pressure’ to ‘interest’. It’s a quick fix to stop procrastination thoughts.
  1. Mostly, starting a high-volume or high-priority task leads to procrastination due to its heaviness. Start with easy tasks first. But, some people like to do a difficult task first.
  1. Waiting for the right time to start your work? It means you are procrastinating in away. There is no right time than now. Opening a document to start your work or grabbing your book and deciding what topics to read are simple tasks to begin.
  1. Start with tasks that you can complete within your ability. It will give you quick wins to continue doing other tasks instead of postponing.
  1. Fear and anxiety causes procrastination. Overcome them.
  1. Do tasks for yourself and not for other’s approval. Do your best and leave the rest.
  1. A quick fix for stopping procrastination is to break starting-trouble. Start somewhere.
  1. Low-energy leads to lethargy causing you to procrastinate and hit the couch. Have enough rest. Sleep well.
  1. Stay fit by keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy.
  1. Don’t start your work after heavy meals. Leathery that comes with heavy meals leads to procrastination.
  1. Have a To-Do list handy.
  1. The morning hours are the best. You will be productive. The chances of procrastinating will be very low.
  1. Self-Compassion is important. Don’t go hard on your procrastination habit.
  1. When you feel happy, your brain will be triggered to follow a new habit or gain the willpower to do the task. Stay positive, listen to inspirational talks, or read quotes. Make yourself positive and start your work.
  1. Take some self-time. Understand why you are procrastinating. It helps.
How To Get Rid Of Procrastination Effectively

It is believed that people who procrastinate have a wrong sense of time. In other words, they believe they have a lot more time in hand than they actually do. Another research indicates that tasks that are tough, painful, or boring are usually put off. Procrastination is known to increase stress. Besides, it is also linked to poor health and sleep issues. These are enough reasons as to why you should stop procrastinating. Let's look at some effective methods for the same.

1. Choose your group wisely

Stay away from people who procrastinate. If you have similar friends, let go of such people. The reason for the same is habits tend to pass on. For example, if your friend procrastinates, you too can get the habit. You too can follow the same path which can affect your life. Hence, be wise and make great friends. Be close to people who motivate you. Learn good things from others.

2. Stay clear of distractions

One of the most common distractions today is social media. People tend to spend a lot of time on them. Additionally, this also affects their work. Hence, it is effective to stay away from distractions. Make better use of time. Eliminate or cut down time spent on such activities.

3. Choose a productive environment

Research states that a productive environment will make you procrastinate less. Hence, choose a great space to work. This way you reduce the chance to procrastinate. On the other hand, you can complete work effectively.

These are simple ways you can get rid of procrastination. Include these steps in your life to notice a difference.

How to stop procrastinating out of fear of failure?

You need to get rid of the fear of failure first to avoid procrastinating over it.

Here are some tips which will help you to get rid of the fear of failure:

• View the task as a challenge.

• Whenever fear is possible in the task, think as if it is a challenge to you.

• Find some benefits from past failures. There are always some benefits or lessons you get from past experiences. Use those skills or lessons this time and start the task.

• Treat yourself good when you face any failure.

• Failures are the part of life so there are always some lessons hidden which help you to complete the other task more efficiently.

Here are some of the tips which will help you to get rid of the fear of failure. Some tips you may find tough but try it and you will get some absolute results within some days.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

How to schedule your day and destroy procrastination?

Firstly, we do it procrastinate because we are lazy. We procrastinate because we are afraid.

We do it because we are afraid of:

• We think that our efforts are not enough.

• We’ll fail.

• We’ll succeed.

• We are not enough.

• If it won’t be perfect, then what’s the use?

There are many reasons though but here are some tips for scheduling your day which will help you to void procrastination:

First of all, set goals.

• Make a good schedule.

• Have some breaks in between which will refresh you in between the work.

• Prioritize your work.

• Reward yourself after every task.

• Make a short to-do list.

• Find a good workplace.

• Avoid distractions.

• Give some time to socialize. This will help you to remain fresh and full of energy.

Here are some tips which will help you to destroy procrastination. Give some time to yourself and take enough time to complete the task. Don’t afraid to take small steps as well as they can lead you to complete the whole task with confidence.


The fear of failure is the main reason for procrastination. People often procrastinate as they get afraid of failure in the task given to them. This may lead people to avoid finishing the task.

19 things we can do about it:

1. Avoid distractions.

2. Work on your habits.

3. Use the tools you like.

4. Review your goals regularly.

5. Make it public.

6. Use a short to-do list.

7. Use the right works.

8. Make it fun.

9. Set a reward for completing a task that resists getting through.

10. Break the work into small and specific tasks.

11. Manage your energy and not your time.

12. Do not afraid to leave.

13. Track your time.

14. Learn to say no.

15. Take a small first step.

16. Routines help.

17. Make decisions.

18. Stay calm.

19. Don’t panic.

How to cure from procrastination


1.“Eat an elephant” have heard it so many times from our parents, isn’t it? It means to divide and work. Yes, it is true whenever something seems difficult or impossible to try this technique and see the difference.

2. Don’t wait to it immediately: instead of giving up and looking for a good chance or mood to do a particular task, do it quickly. Once ignored, the time never comes this why it is said, whatever you want to do; do it now.

3. Start doing that task you find interesting.

4. Remember, when you avoid work for some other day, you make it difficult for yourself. Because late you are the more you have to finish.

5. Don’t expect too much from yourself in the beginning. No one is born perfect or genius, so set your goal small.

4 steps to help you prevent procrastination


We all procrastinate things when we get so stressed about failing or incomplete task after hard work. But procrastination is really bad if we get into the habit of it. Here are the four ways to help everyone who avoids things for any reason.

1. It is important to learn that you are getting into the habit of it. You might be avoiding things for so many good reasons without knowing that the task is actually important. Find the reason behind why are you procrastinating first to help yourself.

2. Take time because you are a human being and there’s nothing we can do immediately things doesn’t happen suddenly, try and you will make it. Start doing your important tasks first no matter how hard it is divide and work on it.

3. Well; when we are being under observation how fast things get done isn’t it? You can try the same method ask someone to remind you daily it can be your alarm or your friends or anyone.

4. Motivate yourself daily with good thought and see how things get easier. Tell yourself you can do everything and see how easy it is to deal with procrastination.

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How To Stop Procrastination?


Maintain a good house environment, students get easily distracted by the fights between parents and it might become the reason for avoiding things that shouldn’t be avoided. Find out the reason you have been avoiding things for. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you are disorganized and can’t find where to start from? As soon as you identify the reason behind something you can find a solution to it and change things.

Do it today itself. Everyone, the most organized people sometimes procrastinate things. It is really a very bad thing to fall for, sometimes the common procrastination can have a detrimental impact on your life. Here are the 5 most effective ways to cope with procrastination.

Create your working list, divide the work in order from the beginning. Get started from where you feel comfortable. Pay attention to the task as per your schedule. Turn everything off that you thing might distract you from your task. Such things are mobile, TV or any social media.

Every individual has a set of priorities in life and his entire life centers around it. The basic priorities can be any one or more of the following, Name, Fame or Popularity, Money, Power, Family and/or Love.



These are the 1-minute exercises which will help you to fight procrastination:

• Yoga. Do some small tasks in yoga, which requires less than a minute to refresh your mind. Examples: meditation, exercises, etc.

• Read before you go to bed. Read at least a page before you go to sleep. This will make you stay focused.

• Fold your clothes. This thing seems to be very small, but it helps. It will help you to overcome your procrastination. This kind of small tasks helps you to complete your work faster.

These are three 1-minute exercises which will help you to cure your problem of procrastination. Keep small tasks and set a time and try to complete them in less time. You will gain confidence in completing the work on time.

This will help you to complete your big projects on time. It helps to gain your belief that you can do all the works on time.