15 Easy and Effective Techniques to Stay Productive under Pressure!

1. See what you can do ‘Right Now’:

Concentrate on what needs to be done ‘Now’.

2. Don’t quit:

When there is pressure, people tend to procrastinate or postpone or quit or find someone else to take the burden. Face the pressure. It gives you the confidence to be productive under pressure.

3. Do what is ‘Important and Urgent’ Now:

Every other work is secondary.

4. Break the Task:

It helps in planning your time-management efficiently. You will find it easy to stay productive under pressure.

5. Delegate your Work:

Bring help and support. Work in teams.

6. Anticipate the “What If?”

Draft a rough note of “what if things go wrong”. This technique will boost productivity under pressure, as you will know how to proceed further.

7. Mindfulness:

Understand the reality, possibilities, and situations around you. It helps you stay productive under pressure.

8. Bring Flexibility & Adaptability:

Don’t stay rigid if you want to give good outputs under pressure.

9. Suitable Time-Management Strategy:

Follow time-management strategies that suit you and your working style.

10. Back-Forth:

Don’t get stuck with the mistake/problem that is taking more time to resolve. Do other tasks. Relax. Resume the work.

11. Last-Minute Pressure:

It brings productive outcomes.

12. Stay Focused:

Don’t yield to external distractions. Focus on the task you need to do and work on it.

13. Take Pressures as Challenges:

You grow under pressure. When there is pressure, people work efficiently to push it back.

14. The task at the Beginning. Results at the End.

Focus on the work. Constant thinking of ‘I have to get this result. I have to perform well’ adds more stress.

15. Don’t lose your cool:

To lose control, to worry or to get agitated will add more burden. Some level of grace under pressure boosts your productivity.