6 Tips to Set Easy Studying/Learning Goals for Students

Tip 1: Solid Study Habit – When to Study?

The first step in setting an achievable study goal is to bring a study habit. You need to allocate focused study-time. Avoid other activities during this study time. Do something productive with it. After one week of following, it can easily become a habit for you.

Tip 2: Suitable Study Technique – How to Study?

Pick a study technique that you find helpful in remembering your subjects. Ex: You can use flow-charts, note-taking, doodles, stick-notes, drawings, mind-maps, etc. to study.

Tip 3: Identify Short-term and Middle-term goals – What to Study?

Here, ‘What to study’ depends upon your short-term and middle-term goals. Know them. Write them down.

Examples Short-term & Middle-Term goals could be:

  1. I want to improve my grades before mid-term
  2. I need to focus on thermodynamics more
  3. I need to finish my quarterly assignment-papers before this week
  4. Get A+ in my Lab, etc.

It brings a precise focus for you.

Tip 4: Plan– How to Start?

Now, you have short-term and middle-term goals with you! Write steps to achieve it.

For Ex: I want to improve my grades in the coming Mid-Term

Write your Plans like:

  1. What paper did I score low? Which part is getting me low-scores?
  2. Spend extra study hours in the weekend
  3. Take some sample online tests etc.

Setting clear process goals are important to achieve the study-goals you set.

Tip 5: Limit Distractions – What to Avoid?

Make sure no one or nothing disturbs you during your study time. Limit phone and internet distractions.

Tip 6: Consistency & Monitoring – How to Get Results?

Star executing your study-plans. Be consistent with it. Monitor your progress. Ask yourself, have you accomplished your short-term goals? Did you get what you expected?