Five common goal setting problems are:

• Setting unrealistic goals. Do not set unrealistic goals. These are not going to lead you to the life you always wanted. So set realistic goals and work for it.

• Focusing on a few areas. Focusing on our weaker part is good but ignoring the things we know can bring huge damage.

• Not appreciating failure. We always learn something new from our failures so always appreciate the failure. Note what you learned from the experience and apply it next time to gain success.

• Underestimating the completion time. Giving time to your work is necessary. But delaying your work can lead to a huge mistake in your life.

• Note reviewing progress. Reviewing your progress is very important in goal setting. It helps us to note whether what to achieve and how to achieve. Reviewing it can also help you to identify the unachieved goals.


Planning your triumph is your blueprint to success. Careful planning of your goal increases your efficiency and gives you direction, so the possibility of committing mistakes is lessened.

Remember, this is your life, and nobody has the right to drive it but you. So, let's sit down and prepare the roadmap of your life's success.

There are four letters you have to imprint in your heart as we begin this.


G stands for Goal.

Every success starts with a goal. Go and ask the experts, and they will have the same answer. Hence, ask yourself, what do you really want to accomplish? What kind of success do you want to achieve?

O stands for On-the-date.

All goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bounded), so prepare a timetable and outline the ladder to the day you want to achieve your dream success.

A stands for Action.

Motivate yourself until the last day. Take into action every single detail you have written in your timetable.

L stands for Lead on.

The bigger role to achieve your goal lies in your hand. Lead your team by making them know your vision, then make them involved. Your keys to leadership are Empathy, motivation, and role modeling.