Challenges for goal setting:

CHALLENGE 1-UNREALISTIC GOALS: this can be a challenge for you. It is very hard to find what exactly you want in life.

CHALLENGE 2-PROCESS: To make a process is very tough. It’s hard to breakdown your goals into numerous small achievements.

CHALLENGE 3-MANAGEMENT: to manage time, goals and time are very tough. You need to think carefully to give time to them.

CHALLENGE 4-SACRIFICES: some goals require sacrifices. Some are very easy like switching your social media accounts off and some are tough as leaving your comfort zone.

Solutions to face these challenges:

SOLUTION 1-REALISTIC GOALS: give time to think and set goals.

SOLUTION 2-WORK ACCORDINGLY: find the main pillars of your goal and try to achieve them one by one.

SOLUTION 3-FOLLOW SCHEDULE: make a schedule and follow it.

SOLUTION 4-GAIN: when you sacrifice something, you always gain new things that you need to find and apply those positive things at the right time.


Goal setting problems are as follow:

• Time. Time becomes a problem in goal setting when you are too late. When you delay things, it can also become a major problem later. So giving time to your goals and completing the work on time saves your maximum time. If you follow your schedule then time becomes no problem.

• Process. Go according to the process. Breakdown your goals into small achievements and work for it. Go one by one and achieve them. The process becomes a huge problem when you do not follow the process. It also becomes a threat when you do not make any process to achieve them.

• Dos and Don’ts. Always be punctual, stick to the process and follow your dreams. There are many things which you need to find according to your goals.

• Management. This is the backbone of your goals. You need to manage your goals and your work so that it will be easy to work on it. Manage your work, appointments, and projects properly.


These are some important and basic things which you need to focus on:

• AIM HIGH. Aim high but keep realistic goals. Break them into small goals and achieve them.

• START SLOW. Don’t hurry. Keep calm and be on time.

• KEEP GOING. There are many ups and downs but you must keep going. Don’t give up on your dreams.

• CELEBRATE. Celebrate whenever you achieve small goals. It will motivate you to take more effort for next.

• DON’T LET OTHERS TO SET YOUR GOALS. Have your choices. You can do your best with your choices. It’s impossible to do your best when others set a goal for you if you are not interested in it.

• STAY CLEARED. Know what the goal is for. Don’t get confused. Always go deep into the topic and have zero doubts about that.

• UNDERSTAND WHY THE GOAL IS IMPORTANT. Know why you are doing so. The purpose of completing your goal motivates you to work on it.


Your goal becomes unrealistic when it requires more energy, skills, abilities which are not available to you. Abilities and skills and be developed but time cannot. The requirement of money can also be the factor for unrealistic goals. There are many parameters that set your goal as unrealistic.

The necessary requirement for work time can also become a factor. Some goals require maximum working hours and some do not. Setting unrealistic goals does not lead you to the target.

Your goal becomes realistic when it requires the necessary energy. Skills and abilities. These are the goals which you can complete by your abilities or sometimes you need to develop them. These goals give you a sense of achievement and a direction to work. This will lead you to a better future.

So here’s the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals, so choose the realistic goals and work for it.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

How to set accomplish goals.png

1.) Evaluate your situation

Assessing your past and the present situation is key to setting goals tailored for you- what worked before? What didn't? Based on these, what do you want to improve on and achieve?

2.) Make it smarter

Your goals need to be:








3.) Write it down

Write down your goals to clarify and strengthen your intentions.

4.) Break it down

Break down your goals into small and manageable steps to overcome overwhelm.

5.) Hold yourself accountable

Hold yourself accountable by maintaining focus and discipline throughout your process.

6.) Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself will help reinforce the positive actions you've taken so you can continue doing it.

7.) Develop systems and habits

Effective systems and habits make it easier for you to accomplish your goals on a regular basis.