3 Effective Techniques to Overcome Procrastination for College Students

1. The KANBAN Technique:

They developed 'KANBAN' in the 1940s for the brand Toyota to improve its overall performance. It’s the simple and best technique to measure your progress. Being a college student, it’s important to monitor your progress to overcome procrastination.

The KANBAN Technique has 4 Quadrants:

Q1: Backlog

Define all the tasks you have. The topics you want to cover, assignment works, the progress of your projects, materials to gather, stages of your research work, subjects to study, and all other activities you have.

Q2: To-Do

From the Backlog Quadrant, move important/essential tasks to be done ‘Today’ and tasks you will ‘Work on now’. Start doing them.

Q3: In Progress

Mention the progress of your task. Also, mention the tasks you are currently working on.

Q4: Done

Update/Move the tasks from Q3 to Q4 after completing it. The Q4 will now have the list of tasks you have completed so far.

Moving tasks from Q1 to Q 4 will be a motivation for you. It helps you monitor your progress and see where you are lagging. If you are a college student, this KANBAN technique will be an operative way to beat procrastination.


  1. You can use this KANBAN separately for your assignments, research, and projects works.
  2. You can prepare a separate KANBAN quadrant for studies.
  3. You can use it for everyday planning.
  4. Monitoring progress will be easy.
  5. It acts as a reminder to you.

2. POMODORO Technique:

Exam time procrastination will be high. Try the POMODORO method for your studies.

3. NO Last Minute:

Have a regular study time. Assign a few hours of your convenience with zero-distraction for it. The last-minute seems fun with friends. But, when the deadline comes, you will surely feel about “I could have done it even better”.

Tips To Stop Procrastination In Students


Students procrastinate a lot. With time, it becomes habitual. Besides, students have a lot of distractions. Procrastinating is known to kill productivity. You lose opportunities.

Additionally, it later becomes a habit for students. This habit can have negative effects on their life. Here are tricks for students to stop procrastinating.

1. Create a to-do list

Write down the tasks every day. This will help in completing activities. Additionally, it will stop you from procrastinating. It will help you know tasks. Limit the activities on the list. Also, set a target. This is one way to beat procrastination.

2. Find the factor of procrastination

It is important to find why you procrastinate. This will help in finding a solution. Furthermore, it will give you clarity. Find the reasons for procrastination. Make sure to never laze around. Some reasons could be the task is unpleasant. Or the task is not motivating. Besides, you aren't interested in the task.

3. Cut task into portions

Break down tasks to complete them faster. In other words, break work into smaller ones. This way, activities seem achievable. You find the motivation to complete small tasks. This is a tip for students who lack motivation. Moreover, students also find it easier to complete tasks.

These are tricks for students to stop procrastination. Try these tips and change your life for the better. It is beneficial to be disciplined for students. Make a change and make a mark.

Types Of Procrastination


Procrastination is to put off doing something till the last minute.

Procrastination has many effects. There are many types of procrastination. Some types are as follows :

The Nervous Procrastination

This is the type of procrastination where you are nervous. You don't start a task because it is important. The task might seem difficult for you. It may also be of importance. A lot might depend on it. It might produce a big result. Therefore we procrastinate till the last minute. Since we are not confident enough.

The Perfectionist Procrastination

This is the type of procrastination where the person wants their task to be perfect. This quality makes it difficult for them to start the task. The person might want every little detail to be perfect. Since it needs to be perfect, the person might take longer to complete the task. This results in procrastination.

The " There's time left " procrastination

This is the type of procrastination where we know we have time left. Because of this thought, we keep pushing our tasks to the last minute. The longer time we have, the more we procrastinate. We keep ourselves busy with other things. This leads to the task being incomplete. Hence we end up procrastinating.