Tips to overcome procrastination for entrepreneurs and small business owners

1. Invested everything into your business?

By investing your life-savings on your business dream, you will be more prone to avoiding the risk that could lose money. It leads to delayed decision-making. Undertaking challenging projects or orders will become highly debatable. You procrastinate and focus only on existing business-setup.

How to fix this procrastination reason?

  1. Try to have a secondary income niche. There are entrepreneurs and small-business owners who work and do their business.
  2. The initial business may not be profitable. It’s another reason to have the second income to take care of your needs.
  3. Before you invest everything, analyze all the risk factors associated. Backup money.

Not willing to risk money or lose investments makes small-business owners and entrepreneurs procrastinate.

2. Feel exhausted?

Sometimes running your own business can frazzle you. Customer-services could be slammed. Checking the warehouse, undertaking bulky-orders, problems like slow web-pages, customers not going past the homepage, etc. can all happen at once. The brain procrastinates because it likes to skip the stress that’s happening.

How to fix this?

  1. Delegate your tasks. Small-business owners have this issue because they would be compactly staffed. The owner might handle 80-90 percent of work.
  2. Take breaks. When you resume your work, you will have more focus.
  3. Plan your day. Be clear about the tasks you want to achieve today.
  4. Convey what you can handle.
  5. It’s okay to send “we will get back to you” sometimes.

You can’t handle everything every time.

3. Social-Media:

If you feel like procrastinating, go to your official social media handles. Start interacting with your customers. Get to know what’s happening. You might resume your work with an active mindset after a friendly conversation with customers.

The ground reality with running small-business could be entirely different, but these simple tips and ideas could help you.