How to negotiate salary in proper way

How to negotiate salary in proper way.png

1. Don’t pause to ask for a salary number that feels appropriate to both you and your recruiter even though you are a fresher.

2. If you are In-between Companies: To negotiate genuinely or to show off your offers, make comparisons, and demand the pay. See to it that you don’t go overboard while exchanging the salary proposals.

3. Know the numbers based on market value

4. Prepare yourself

5. Be Confident

6. Show the Results

7. Don’t be stubborn with your idea

8. Be polite & strong enough to refuse

9. Do not underestimate yourself to your recruiter/boss

10. People could look for future-value

11. Be Clear and Crisp in Communicating

12. Steps to handle when the answer is No to Salary Hike

i) It’s not a ‘NO’ for ever

ii) It’s not always about your ‘Performance’

iii) Understand what’s going on

iv) You can analyze

v) Start working on yourself

13. Negotiating Salary During the Interview

In reality, you know your workplace and how your company is functioning. So take these steps as a starter, see what’s going on in the company, analyze how you can bring it to the table to discuss, and see what you can do to begin negotiating the salary proposals that you deserve.