1. Fitness Trackers:

Fitness trackers are like an all-day reminder for us about exercising. Get yourself a fitness tracker. If you are new, try wearing them all day and see how it goes for you. There are others, who use fitness trackers only when they exercise, or workout, or while walking, cycling, jogging, etc. If you have small fitness goals like for example, walking ten thousand steps a day, then fitness trackers are the best choice. Setting little reminders like this is also a form of motivating yourself to try fitness and exercise. It has helped me. You should give it a try.

2. Fitness Apps:

You can install good fitness apps on your smartphones. Good fitness apps don’t just stop with reminding yourself to go and exercise. Some apps help you in healthy weight loss, making good food choices, improving your health and lifestyle, etc. Try fitness apps. Little steps like using fitness apps, fitness trackers, and everyday small fitness goals will all help you stay motivated to exercise and stay fit.

3. Exercise your Way:

Exercises and fitness are becoming fun. People are taking different exercise methods and routines to suit their lifestyle, their health and even based on time constraints. This is another reason to keep them motivated to exercise without quitting. I like to say the same to you. Pick exercises your way. You have choices like Pilates, yoga, strength-training, cardio-training, gym sessions, Zumba fitness, martial arts, boxing, little-heavy workouts, etc.

4. The After-Glow of Exercising:

The post-workout and post-exercise photos of you will reveal a glow in you. All the flushed out toxins, sweat and heaviness will all be gone and a refreshed feel stays. This after-glow of exercising will keep you inspired to do more exercise times.


Exercises and exercising are like opposite poles. We either love to do it or we find reasons to not do it. We have a third pole here and I suppose it’s got the majority of people under it including me. It is that we want to exercise but we keep hesitating to do it. We somehow feel a lack of motivation to do it. At the same time, we want to exercise. In simple terms, we want it but don’t know how to do it or get it.

    1. Make your Workout Gears Interesting:

    Gym clothes are no more boring now. Make your workout clothes and gears interesting. Athleisure wears are becoming a huge trend now. You can find workout clothes for different exercises and fitness regimes which is fun. Work out gears especially shoes are becoming so innovative, fun and functional. Moreover, having a good workout gear can help you make your exercising fun and motivated.

    2. Keep Reminding about Why you started exercising:

    Ask yourself about why you started exercising in the first place. The reminder is important to self-motivate to exercise. Whenever you feel hesitant or feel like quitting the exercises, remember why you started. If you have some serious fitness goals, then it should motivate you to keep exercising. If you started exercising for just fun, why not keep doing it. Keep reminding why you started.

      3. Remind yourself how good exercises are:

      It will help you understand the importance of exercising. A refreshed, light-weight feeling after workouts or exercising is inspiring us to do it the next time.


      Encourage yourself to Start Exercising:

      Exercises are not just for weight loss. Folks are starting to understand it. Exercising, and staying fit should become a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Staying fit doesn’t mean staying lean. It is something else. Staying fit involves keeping your physical and mental wellness in a balance. Exercises are the best way to achieve that balance.

      Scientifically, doing exercise or any form of physical activity balances internal hormones and ensures good health. Likewise, when it comes to the emotional level, involving in any form of exercise gives a good morale boost. Exercises are good for us in every way possible.

      Having said all that, let’s cheer ourselves up and plan to start exercising. To begin with, here are a few easy ways to motivate yourself to exercise. I assure you that the tips we shared here are fun, easy and worth the try.

      1. Make your Workout Gears Interesting:

        2. Keep Reminding about Why you started exercising:

          3. Fitness Trackers:

            4. Fitness Apps:

              5. Exercise your Way:

                6. Maintain a Goal-Weight Chart:

                  7. Remind yourself how good exercises are:

                    8. The After-Glow of Exercising:

                      9. Awesome Work-out Playlist is a must:

                        10. Think about good changes in your body:

                          11. Staying Fit is Strength:

                            12. Opt for a Fitness coach or work with a Trainer:

                              13. Fitness with your Friends:

                                14. Try Exercise Mix-ups:

                                  15. Knowing Visible Difference:

                                    16. Exercising is ‘Self-Care’:

                                      17. Start Simple with Exercising:

                                        18. You can have a fitness role-model:

                                          19. Have realistic & healthy Fitness goals:

                                            20. Use Fitness Journals:

                                              21. Make Exercises your ‘Me Time’:

                                                22. Celebrate little Fitness goals:

                                                  23. Start Short:

                                                    24. Set reminders:

                                                      25. Don’t do it for the dress. Do it for yourself: