How to Motivate Yourself to Study: Self Motivation


1. Comparison is bad for Studies:

The biggest de-motivation of your study is comparisons. Please don’t do it. You and I have a different pace to study, to grasp and learn subjects and topics. When it comes to studying, always keep up and compete with yourself. Follow the idea of spending time every day strictly for your studies. Do better than yesterday. Instead, don’t compare and go hard on yourself when it comes to studies, thesis writings or grades.

2. Audio Methods for your Studies:

Record the important concepts, the core concepts, theories, interpretations from case-studies & prior research findings, etc. Do it in your smartphones or a recording device meant for study.

Do it as if you are talking and discussing with yourself about the studies. It’s a good way instead of carrying textbooks to study.

  • You have good educational videos, concept-explanations, demo videos, etc.
  • Go outside textbooks and libraries. There are lots of interesting ways to learn concepts.
  • Download and listen to interesting podcasts, and lectures or audio files related to your studies.

Using Audio methods to listen to on the go, or while relaxing can help you study better. It is a fun way to learn. Furthermore, it’s a good way to motivate yourself to study.

3. Sometimes you have to force yourself to Study:

It’s true. Not every time a motivation works. Sometimes, we all get caught up with unexpected things that could take us astray from studies. At times, whatever you do you may feel like nothing works. Studying can make you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone. You cannot do this forever. You have to start your studies somewhere. During that time, you have to force yourself to at least take your book out and just go through or flip pages.

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study Hard


1. Allocate a Study-Time every day:

Spend study time every day. Allocate some time; say for at least a solid one hour every day.

Even if you don’t feel like studying, you can do other activities related to studies at that time.


  • You can simply go through the chapters and contents you have to study.
  • You can prepare priority lists of what to study.
  • Or, you can simply read the headings, sub-headings or skim-read the pages.
  • Go through case-studies.
  • Gather necessary research hints, ideas or points needed for your studies.
  • Browse online for relevant study resources other than what you have.

Do any related activities like this if you don’t feel like studying. The idea here is to spend time every day for your studies. Gradually, you will get in the line of studying every day. Make it a practice. Motivating self-rule for you to study is ‘If you don’t feel like studying, spend it in doing things related to your study’.

2. A comfortable Study Space:

Cluttered unclean study space is a big No. Some people argue about ‘if you want to study you can study anywhere’. Well, not exactly all the time. A comfortable space brings a good vibe and concentration to you. Whereas, if the place around is mixed-up or unclean, you will be more concentrated in looking around at it instead of focusing.

3. Will to Study:

Nothing works if you don’t have the will to study. Your determination is what motivates you truly to study. Other things don’t work if you don’t have the interest to study. Life takes us all through different stages. Education and studies are one such important stage for you right now. Just, give your best and that’s enough. Bring the will to study.

How to Get Motivated to Study: 3 Study Tips


1. Good Study means Good understanding:

If you don’t like to understand your studies, there’s no good use in motivating yourself here. Bring the mindset of wanting to understand what’s going on. Instead, don’t study to complete the studying work. If you set out to understand your studies, your mind works that way. It helps you. The brain makes you look for different ways to understand.

Instead, if you are in a hurry to finish your studying, your mind only works to finish the task and not fulfill any value. Learning is a step by step process. Do it that way. Take steps in understanding instead of finishing.

2. Have a Healthy Snack:

It’s really funny that every time we sit to study we feel hungry at some point. I use to take this as a chance to escape from the studies. But I have wasted considerable time on it. Instead, I started having healthy snacks and a water bottle near me before I sit to study. This is a technique to keep yourself focused on your studies. Try to avoid creating chances to get up and go out while studying.

3. Study in Group:

Group discussions and group studies with friends can easily motivate and encourage you. Studying and discussing with one another will help you remember, revise and learn the concepts easily. It can go sideways too if you all start to lose focus and end up playing games or talking. Make sure, you all do the study first and later have your time.

Staying Motivated When Studying


Take Notes:

Turns out that, taking notes and writing down essential concepts helps you study easier and understand better. When you start studying, always take notes. I use to take notes on the go. But I have seen people who study first. And again, they study it for the second time. It’s more like a read and re-read they do. Once done, they write notes of what they understood and what they felt important.

There’s a friend who used to have separate word documents on the laptop for each concept with bullet points of important notes. It helps to revise as well as study in detail. You can pick any method you prefer. Finally, only with notes, you can easily understand. You can take it anywhere you go. You can even stick them to your study table. Taking notes is an easy way to motivate yourself to study even a complex concept in your subjects.

Draw your concepts and topics:

The main goal here is to motivate yourself to study as well as make it stay in your brains. If the subjects and concepts seem tough and hard to grasp, you will feel demotivated. The better way to study it is to draw it.

  • Draw your concepts in your way to remember easily.
  • Use pictorial representation as many as you can to easily recall your subject visually.

Diagramatic representations are the best ways to understand the core concept easily.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

4 Ways to Get Motivated to Study


1. Gather the necessary things before you sit to study:

Don’t get up now and then to go pick your notebooks, or books or stationery supplies. When distracting yourself from little things, you will lose undivided attention to your studies. Before you sit to study, gather all the necessary things you want. Have a bottle of water nearby.

2. Go for a quick walk and start:

If you feel bored or unfocused to study, stop it for a while. Don’t start to study. You won’t be able to grasp anything. It happens every time for everyone. Get up and go for a walk. Not necessarily a walk in the park or a long one. Just walk. You can go grab a snack or you can walk out and just stand in the fresh air. Not just that, you can do it in the middle of your studies too. Take a quick break. Go for a small walk; take a pause and return to resume the study.

3. Always have a notebook with you:

Before you study, bring a notebook with you. Sometimes the concepts can be understood easily via writing it, or drawing it or visualizing it in any way in a notebook.

4. Divide your study topic into chunks:

Instead of taking it as a whole, divide the study in too little chunks. For instance, break it like ‘completing three chapters’ a day. Make it a wonderful practice that, every time you step out you feel confident about achieving your little study-goals like this. It motivates you and encourages you to do it again. For a fun twist, reward yourself for it. Surf the internet or check the notifications quickly. Play a few minutes of the game. Reward yourself with your favorite food too if you like.

Best ways to motivate yourself to study


1. Do a Digital Cleaning before Study:

Before you prepare yourself to study, do a digital cleaning. It’s a must.

How can you do it?

1. Stay away from social media notifications for a while. We all know how the thought of ‘I’ll just check my notifications quickly’ will take us.

2. Next, if you have your gaming gadgets around, now is the right time to hide them from the sight.

3. Give a short break to your smartphones, and tabs.

4. Unless you have the need, set your laptop aside for some time.

Don’t take it as strict restrictions. You need to set the stage right so that you perform without hassle. You can’t keep track of time on the internet. Gadgets and the Internet are serious distractions while we study.

2. Don’t study with Full-Stomach. Don’t study while starving.

After a heavy meal, the chances of becoming drowsy, and getting lazy is so high. Don’t start to study with a full stomach. Same way, with a pang of hunger, you cannot concentrate on what you are doing, particularly with studying. Have a balance.

What’s the best way here?

1. Take a light breakfast or lunch or dinner.

2. To handle any in-between hunger pangs you can have some healthy snacks.

3. Have a water bottle with you.

4. Avoid eating junk foods, processed sugars, alcohol or any beverages while studying.

5. If you need to prepare your food, then do it prior. Don’t do it once you start with your studies.

Most importantly, during your education and study period, maintaining proper health is essential. Good health is balance. Follow healthy practices right from the start.

20 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study


Studies are your assets. Not many people have the chance as you have right now. Remember it. At the same time don’t be too serious about studies. Make your learning fun. Studies are one way of understanding how things work around us. It can get as interesting as possible depending on showing our interest in it.

On the other hand, honestly, we all tend to procrastinate with studies. It just happens sometimes without any specific reason. That’s okay. Don’t go hard on yourself. Unless you take the first step to study, no motivation could be fruitful here. So, find ways to keep motivating yourself to study. To begin with, follow the tips and ideas we listed here. It will get you started with your studies easily.

1. Do a Digital Cleaning before Study

    2. Don’t study with Full-Stomach. Don’t study while starving

      3. Gather the necessary things before you sit to study

        4. Go for a quick walk and start

          5. Have Priorities & Don’t Multitask your Studies

            6. Take Notes

              7. Always have a notebook with you

                8. Divide your study topic into chunks

                  9. Draw your concepts and topics

                    10. Good Study means Good understanding

                      11. Have a Healthy Snack

                        12. Choose your Preferred Study techniques

                          13. Study in Group

                            14. Allocate a Study-Time every day

                              15. A comfortable Study Space

                                16. Comparison is bad for Studies

                                  17. Audio Methods for your Studies

                                    18. Sometimes you have to force yourself to Study

                                      19. Studying needs patience

                                        20. Will to Study

                                        How do I motivate myself to Study?


                                        When it comes to studies, if you have lots piled up, you will find it difficult to start. If you separate and schedule your studies into small chunks, you can easily finish them. Don’t worry if you feel lethargy to take the big book out and start turning the pages. We have all been there.

                                        Procrastination and studies are like twins. That too, if you have lots of homework and studies, it’s easy to procrastinate. A matter of fact here is, if you don’t want to study today, you have to start doing it somehow and somewhere. Let it be sooner. To motivate yourself to study, here are some techniques that will help you. It has helped me, and I’m sure it will help you too.

                                        1.) You need to set the right stage for your studying. It’s the first thing you need to take care of.

                                        2.) Fix ‘How you want to Study.’

                                        3.) You need to look into ways that will keep you focused on your studies.

                                          Taking care of the above three main criteria’s will make your studying process easier. If you want to motivate yourself to study, then set the right stage, choose how you want to do it, and finally, keep your focus. Keeping all the above into consideration, I have shared some interesting but easy tips to encourage studying.

                                          Studying needs patience:

                                          Particularly, when it comes to your studies, you have to take things to step by step. Have patience with your study practice. Improve yourself step by step. Easy study techniques and good planning can motivate you. Spending some time every day will enhance your study. Sometimes, the planning you did can go off target. Study practice involves moving from a setback and try doing things differently the next time. Chiefly, a study needs patience and flexibility

                                          True happiness.jpg

                                          To motivate yourself to study


                                          Understand a few things here.

                                          First: You need to set the right stage for your studying. It’s the first thing you need to take care of.

                                          For Instance:

                                          1.) Cluttered study space will not motivate you.

                                          2.) If you feel physically unwell, to sit and study becomes difficult.

                                          3.) Even an uncomfortable chair could distract your studies.

                                          Many simple things like the above could affect your study time.

                                          Secondly: Fix ‘How you want to Study’.

                                          For Instance:

                                          1. The way how people study differs. People take notes and bullet points in a default way. Instead, there are other different ways like mnemonics, Pomodoro technique, visualizing, drawing, marking core concepts, doing Q&A sessions, using acronyms, diagrammatic representations, etc. to study. Choose your way.

                                          2. Look for any priorities you have concerning your study or subjects.

                                          3. Concepts can be learned and understood not alone from books. You can look for other sources, Online lectures, etc.

                                          4. Asking questions, finding answers and having discussions motivate us to study the subject without weariness.

                                          5. Studying for your assignments and tests can be different. Studying for your thesis, projects, case studies, and others are different. With the former case, the learning, the understanding, and grasping of concepts and applications are important. The latter takes more focus and a more precise way of learning. Choose your way here. It can prepare you mentally for how you want to study.

                                          Thirdly: You need to look into ways that will keep you focused on your studies.

                                          For Example:

                                          1. Calm early morning hours will have your undivided attention.

                                          2. Having Short study goals.

                                          3. Starting small every day instead of all at once.

                                          4. Outcomes, results, and grades will keep you focused and motivated to study.

                                          5. Time, money and getting the final degree could bring focus whenever you feel lost.